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! ! A Graceful Octogenarian

Rating: 4.8

She smiled as we passed her table -
a nod of politeness, rather than recognition.
She was lunching with her husband -
and thinly clad in the summer heat.
She must have been in her eighties,
but remarkably elegant and self-assured.

Her hair was swept up in a messy chignon,
Her voice was cultured without being posh.
She reminded me of mum -

without the cringe
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Sandra Martyres 28 June 2009

Alison, you have manged to capture the beauty of this graceful octogenarian with style...a lovely piece indeed...

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Subroto Chatterjee 10 June 2009

And you are a graceful, albeit keen watcher too. Lovely human element reflecting self-effacing pride.. Cheers. Subroto

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Sally Carter 21 May 2009

An inspirational poem, both in terms of style and subject matter.. I think I just discovered another favourite poet on this site!

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Paul Hansford 03 May 2009

Sympathetic, beautifully observed and beautifully phrased.

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Susan Jarvis 02 May 2009

From the magnificent title to the sage observations of the closing lines, this poem paints a linguistic picture of charm and elegance. The fact that the subject is in her eighties simply enhances the beauty. An admirable piece. S :)

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Patricia Joan Jones 04 January 2012

An inspiration to us all. Elegant and brilliant work.

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Robert Howard 18 July 2010

Beautiful poem. You would like our octogenarian friends, Jeff and Barb. They are active and animated by their love of life and their impish senses of humor.

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Meggie Gultiano 21 November 2009

You really is a keen observant..be small and big things and happenings.I love your style, Ali..very vivid in describing the whole incident A great write indeed. Love♥ ♥ ♥ Meggie

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Rachel Butler 11 October 2009

she carried her years and what a salutary lesson she offered Rachel Ann Butler

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Tailor Bell 15 July 2009

your not-so-subtle sarcasm at the finish serves well to enrich the tangible imagery without being overly quip. another wonderful scene and excellent read. -Tailor

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