Fouad Adel

A Heart Torn A Part - Poem by Fouad Adel

I'm A Lonely Guy
Who Asks Why!
Who Can Never Lie,
Never Fly HigH
N Never Touch Th Sky,
Whose HearT Became Dry
N Nw I Should Sleep N Die

IS Wht I Need
Wht I Bleed
Ur Dead Seed
N Wht U Can'T Lead

Is Wht I'll Never DO
I'll Never Forget You
Cuz U R So True
N MY Love 4 U Is My Heart Glue

Is Th pain Zat hurt
N Made Me Can'T MelT
Zats WHat We FelT
N It WIll Be Ur GuilT

Zats Wht I Saw
Wht I Know
Zats How U Go
N WHt U Draw
All I Have 2 Say Is ' I Told You So '...

In IT You Kill Me WiTh A Knife
, You LeT Pain N Sorrow Enter My Life
, You Look AT Me N Say Damn You I'll Never Be Your Wife
, Then You Give Your Self A High Five
N Go To Your MonsTer N Drive

TheY R On Ur Face
MovinG WiTh A Grace
From a Place To Place
Like They R In a Race
N TheY Don'T Leave A Trace To Chase
In This Case
Doing NoThing Is a GOoD FaitH

-My Life-
ITs So CompliCaTed
IT Makes Me OverraTed
I Can'T Realize That I'm FaTed
, I JusT Can'T HaTe iT
, It Can'T Be PainTed
N ForEver I Have To Take IT, NoT Make It RenTed
Cuz One Day I Will STop IT
N ASk How It Ended

R JSt A Tiny Spark
I Can See Them In Th Dark
They Were Ur BeauTiful Mark
BuT U Turned Them Into A Wild Shark

Is all Zat It lefT
In THis DrifT
Bcuz Of Our RifT
THis Was Ur GifT

Zats Wht I Hoped
WHt I Dropped
Zats How U Looked
N WHt U Mopped

ABouT IT I'm NoT OpTimisTic
N I'm NoT PessimisTic
I'm JusT Leaving Every THing To Life's JoysTick
N Try To Be A Lill BiT RealisTic

Is Your Name
Thats How You Came
BuT Now You Aren'T The Same!
You Made Me Take The blame
For SomeThing You Called Your Aim
This Is JusT A Shame
You Made IT All A Game
N You Made An Excuse That Is So Lame
That You Want No.1 In The Hall Of Fame..!

YOu R STill Running In Me
You Grow FasTer Zan A Tree
2 Me U R Bigger Zan A Sea
N WIz U I'll Be Free
Cuz U Have My HearT's key
N U Will Enter It WizouT paying Any Fee

-Your Eyes-
R My Only Book
R My Luck Rock
U Turned THem Ento A Shock
N U Made Me Have A Painful Look

-Your Voice-
IS What I HEar
What Makes Me Laugh, WhaT Makes Me Tear
What U Have In Ur Gear
N WHt U Have SenT 2 Me Ear

-Your Touch-
IS Wht I Miss
What Brought Me From DeaTh
Wht U Used 2 Remove Any Mess
N WHt I FelT ARound Me Wiz Ur Kiss

-Your Kiss-
Its Like FLying Under Th Rain
It Makes Me A Jumping Insane
It Makes Me Want It Again
BuT UnforTunaTely U Made It All In vain
, U Made LoneliNeSs Is All I Can Gain
N Now I Feel pain In My Brain
BeCasue You Makes IT Wane N Drain
N My Blood Now Looks Like a Grain

-Your Life-
There Is NoThing I Can Say
You JusT Made Me PaY
For Today N Every Day
For SomeThing Is In Your Way
Cuz All You WanT To Do Is Lay N Play
N HAve Fun In KillinG Me.. Your Prey!

-My Love-
IT Will Never Be A WasTe
BecaUse IT Wasn'T A HasTe
, IT Can'T Be EraseD
, Even If U R A Two-Faced
, WiTh IT My HearT Displaced
I Knew ITs TasTe
ThaTs Why You Can'T be Replaced
Cuz You Are WhO I Embraced
N U Were My hearT's GuesT
U JsT WanTed 2 ResT
N U Deserve It Cuz U R Th BesT

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