Dilantha Gunawardana

A History Lesson In Art - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

Arts from the times of the cultural renaissance
Triggered by family Medici in her right royal essence
Raphael's strokes of master class with Leanardo's ingenuity
This was the era where arts flourished in impunity
From the Vitruvian man's symmetrical bliss
To School of Athens and its philosophical bliss
The religious figurines from Christ to a rearing Madonna
Even the beauty that was captured in an impeccable bella donna
Now to the glowing expansion of art's mastery
As Delft and Utrecht produced an array of wizardry
The northern renaissance with Brueghel and Bosch
As mythology was captured with candle and torch
To the romantic years with the genius of Delacroix
Who crossed the ridges with styles to lure
Nature's beasts and the beauties of liberty
Even North Africa's sultans and their governing royalty
The British were not subdued as pre-Raphaelites came to the fore
For a renaissance of the early years, to capture the times before
No room though for later Mannerists to be captured in canvas
As they were deemed pariahs to the artists' campus
Then to the grandest time of them all
As the impressionist answered to their inner call
Monet's sunrise stemmed immortality
As lilies and haystacks were sketched in to captivity
A kaleidoscope of color from the waltzing brush heads
As nature erupted in flamboyant color fests
Then as the tempestuous animals unfolded in color
Fauvism broke the barriers of valor
Bold in artistry in colors crimson and velvet
As Matisse's brush strokes entranced taste like chocolate
Futurism was Marinetti ‘s stoic ambition
As speed and light became the chassis of tradition
Then there were the rebels of surrealism and Dada
And even the German expressionists in their diverse flava
Bridge or blue rider the divisive tool
As canvasses were metamorphosed with styles sublimely cool
As art captivated the boundless terrain across the Atlantic
American expressionism grew from strokes fanatic
Hopper's Nighthawks to the master in Pollock
As the abstract took over the canvas in a haphazard stock
Op art followed with a Zebra as a trigger
To colonize the world in its cool décor brighter and bigger
This is the fairytale of art for us to cavort
For she is a time-tested elixir to eagerly snort
As the beauty of life freezes on the drapery of aisles
Art perpetuates life on tapestries and murals

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A chronology of art

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 18, 2013

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