Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Home Visit Of A Friend - Translationpoem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: BạN ĐếN Chơi Nhà Comments

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It has been a long time and now you come to visit.
My young children are not at home and market place is too far.
Fish pond is wide and deep so it's difficult to net a fish.
Garden is large and poorly enclosed so it's hard to catch a chicken.


Kimkhue Nguyen 16 November 2016

I am so glad that you translate this famous poem from Nguyen Khuyen. Your translation is very touching: Fish pond is wide, and deep, so it's difficult to net a fish! Mustard greens are only small seedlings...So, please, enjoy our friendship, and our chats! ! ! How lovely! ! !

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Dung Nguyen 16 November 2016

Thank you for translating this beautiful poem from poet Nguyen Khuyen. Your translation is thoughtful, and meaningful: Baby gourds just dropped their petals, luffas are still flowering......To welcome guest, I even don't have a quid of betel to offer....So please, enjoy our friendship and our chats..... How sweet! ! ! !

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