Albot George

A Littel Bit More! ! - Poem by Albot George


My story start, by saying that you’re never too old
To fall in love and it says that life can be full of surprises
I’m in my middle forty’s a hard working kind of man
Although the job has never rock my boat
It’s not really been a challenge for me
In fact the only reason for going to work
Is for the woman the story is about
She is a woman that’s in her late fifties
I think sometimes she thinks that she too old for me
And she probably is, thinking about it I don’t know
IT is all to do with stamina, and that must contribute
To how you feel and how you could keep up with
A younger man
Or is it that I am a kind of a toy boy for her
But the truth is I like the idea that’s she much older
Because it makes her want me more, I think that’s it anyway
And it is possible at her age she doesn’t remember
What she done, which isn’t such a bad thing
This story is going to go on as I get the TIME to do IT

It all stated one Christmas and that one dance
I held her and it felt like she was the first woman
That I have, ever hugged and to have had someone like her in my arms
I have long arms! ! !
How can this feel so right it like having a crush on your old
School teacher, She given me the butterflies, at my age;
And when I went to the toilet she just followed me
Like I was her prey she was having me, no matter what I did
And it wasn’t because of the drink, although I did find out later
She did enjoy it a little too much! ! , which is a shame really
For the calories if for nothing else, but going back;
This is what I meant about her being much older than me
She took charge but it felt good but also she was to take advantage
Of me, had she done this kind of thing before, it seem
To be second nature to her, and I started to think that
Am I going to be just a another notch on the bed post
That if we were ever going to make it to bed the way she was acting’
Can you remember the advert, any TIME any place;
Or am I one of those numbers or thing I must do before I die!
But hear goes has they say in for a penny and try not to look at the pounds’
I suppose it will be ok, just a bit of fun, are all woman like this! !
Must have had a very sheltered life,

And that’s the other think why do you go through life
Just thinking that you’re just an average kind of man
And then everyone seems to want a piece of you
Man always get a raw deal and tarred with the same brush that the woman
Is nothing but a piece of meat, but I think that wrong
Unless it just me, the reason I’m saying this is because I’m fed
Up with woman looking me up and down, unless they have always done this
But I just hadn’t notice; seem you only have to go in to town
It start by hello, how are you ok which is fine, but then are you married
Do you fancy a drink with me some TIME IT is a little bit forward even for me

Any way back to the cougar or milf as they like to be know
These day, when she first started to take advantage of me
She made a big effort in how she looked, I still don’t know if
She did that to keep me interested or not, or if it was too do with her age
Anyway whatever the reason was it sort of worked,

As time went on we became closer and that when I realized
It wasn’t to do with her at all it was me
I looked back at who I was,
And although this will sound like I’m blowing
My own trumpet, I’m irreplaceable
And I don’t know if this is because
I am such a good lover, or I do have
What’s known as
The Lynn’s effect, or is IT

I right her something, almost every day
Or I hold her hand when we’ve perhaps lost the way
Or may be to blow her a kiss from across the room
Even a little squeeze in our own room
Just to give wink or a little stare
To let her know that I will always care
At least when you bite that it wants put the calories on
Night night chicken
And if at any TIME you fancy a bit of rough
Just give your legs a rub,
Can friends say this kind of thing?
Any way I must rap IT up now, until later
I’m getting a thrust, and I need to shower
I’m so stiff
Miss you no matter what; just bite my lip again one day
Night night babe

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