Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Lunatic Comments

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A lunatic always laughs
Seldom cries
A lunatic always walks towards
Seldom walks backwards


Jayachandran Chakrapany
Shahzia Batool 04 July 2013

A lunatic is normal always...seldom us...what else is there to say...? Enigmatic & Hitting! ! ! I remember Evens' lines: I drink to keep sane! ! !

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Vipins Puthooran 17 April 2012

We're living in a world of Lunatic with Lunatics// Excellent one! ! !

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Karen Deeks 06 March 2012

Hi Jk I love this write... It speaks volumes to me..The layout of your words hold a certain significance also. As I feel a person suffering inside would keep mulling things over, which is how the patter suggests. I like how you complete with seldom us... As we all sometimes are lost (I feel) then behave a tad irrational or off the cuff..my favourite write of yours so far. It seems in this write that the lunatic has the easier existence (sleeping well and enjoying nature (sounds like me) Great! ! Karen

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good poem :) . it has a philosophical meaning and a nice rhythm

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Wahab Abdul 06 March 2012

An excellent poem, rightly said and the poem is well crafted, and it has a nice flow, i like it.........please read my '' I am a very sane mad man''

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