A Magic In Music Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Magic In Music

Rating: 4.6

How much important music is to me?
In every sphere of life it is available and free
Why is it so that fruits are so dear to the tree?
Do we mean it is purely an attachment to see?

Is there any magic music can deliver to human being
Is it confined to ordinary street singers and not to kings?
Can any one claim hegemony or control over it?
Is it not the glimmer of hope in the dimly light?

I wondered at all the aspects and understood the impact
It is divine drink and can turn human being in fact
Can this precious gift be taken over by any religious sect?
Is it not our Endeavour to see that it remain in tact?

It has delivered wonders to bring new lease of life or energy
It may so happen that people may turn happy and not feel gloomy
It has to be realized in its essence and understood fully
Then we may be in position to deliver it truly

It generates coolness with morning breeze
Ears come to the sense and feelings don’t freeze
You look around to see the beautiful world
Your surge ahead with resolve and not feel cold

Can we not keep it as eternal and preserve?
Can we not wipe out tears of poor and serve?
Can we sell I cheaply for use it only for selfish end?
Is it not divine gift to be offered to all and sent?

Dead can be brought alive with music as its tonic
It will be nice if it is termed purely as music
Music in pure from must gather round and find place
It may be worth while if we preserve and not replace………………

Darlene Styles 18 April 2010

i like it, i love music :)

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Greenwolfe 1962 17 April 2010

Again. This ending is not good. But this poem is a big, big improvement over 'A Desire' and it has genuine poetic qualities that I found enjoyable. The rhymes are much better and the word selections are as well. This was much, much easier to read and enjoy. In fact, I can even recommend this poem to others. I would just tell them to not pay attention to the last verse. It is really poor. This is because the worst thing you can do to a reader is not end a poem. This poem has no end. --- Greenwolfe 1962

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