Kgagamatso Chimelwane

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A Man Who Loves - Poem by Kgagamatso Chimelwane

I'm merely just a man formed in the image of the Omega.
I love with no boundries and show compassion with no fear.
That even when she cheats and I knew I forgave her.
Lonely nights just me and our daughter and she asks, 'daddy where's mommy'.
I'd say she'll be back soon she's at work when I knew you out with your boss.
Sharing dinner, wining and dining under romantic candle lights.
The candle light that shines at home for we have no electricity.
Yet I'm a man who loves, and although I may not have much now
I have everything in my daughter.
And the rest in prayer.
You return home with a cologne stench that perfumes your air and yet pollutes mine.
With a mood that doesn't even ask where's our child? , had she eaten? , and did she as we had planned go to bed at nine?
She bibles the scriptures of an unheavenly book
Like a thief who stole our lives, call her the Delilah crook.
Her resume comprises of a reference that marks an ailing branch from our family tree.
And its no rocket science I know she doesn't love me.
Because had she done so she would've not shared this sickness that dwells inside of me.
Thats breaking every piece of my immune system and anatomy.
Like autums leaves falling down a tree.
I doubt that she knows she has this devils that lives inside of her.

I'm a man who loves
Am I really a man who loves? , then why am I scripting these lies.
She's the women she is today because of the man I was before.
The man who was once a companies CEO
Sleeping with all different type of women raw
Never thought one day I'd come to work and be fired for sexual harrassment
Now I call myself a man who loves, because, 'I'm there for my daughter'
A daughter who never knew she had a father, because she only knew that bastard who beat up her mother
Who preyed upon her flash and her privates as my playground to fullfill my sexual urges
That even when I come from my sexual escapades with bits of tissue clothing my penis
I'd beat her up and force her to go down on me, and lick the left over of cum
After all that's done, in the state of her watery eyes, my daughter will hold her dearly and tell her it will be fine, I love you mom.
The fruit that is HIV that I'm telling the world she's given me
Is the seed I planted in her, when I was living the life of a born free
I should've treated her like a princess if I wanted her to be my queen.
I take my gun and paint my daughters brains all over the walls.
She's the one who suffered more.
When she had a mother, she never knew her father, now apparently when she has a father she's 'dying' to get back her mother.
As I turn the gun upon myself I leave this letter on her bed
Ironically its still titled, ' A Man Who Loves'

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