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A Marines Journey - Poem by The Tip USMC

Here's the one I wrote about my experience in Iraq in '03

A Marines Journey
I remember the day in high-school.The day the U.S. was attacked.
This was a dark hour indeed for the countries eyes we're now all black.

The very next day I met my recruiter and was struck in awe.
The pride and respect for this Marine who stood tall.

He asked me my plans for the future and how the Marine Corps can help.
Seeing that sharp Marine in his blues, just the power I felt.

I signed up 03, anyone of them would do just fine,
No way a P.O.G.'s life, I wanted to fight on the front line.

I wanted the hardest and be the toughest there was,
'0331' lnfantry Machine Gunner. A job I'll always love.

I made it to the fleet,2/5 is where l'll be.
Echo Co. Wpns Plt. was the new home for me.

Over a year we have trained for a war that was coming fast.
Every fellow Marine I fought along side, I knew would fight to his last.

A Grunt trains to kill, and does whatever to keep our fellow Brothers alive.
To take a mans life is our ultimate prize.

The first of Feb. we were shipped to Kuwait.
The next month and a half we would lie there in wait.

Now I joined the Marines never a thought as to why.
A few months after 9/11 I was hugging my mom and saying good-bye.

To become a Marine you must first pass a rigorous test.
Since 1775 we have been considered the best.

Bootcamp was hard, and you may think your tough.
But nothing can prepare you for those foot prints when you are yelled off that bus.

You train as a team, it will become your new norm.
When your handed that Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, you know your reborn.

I learned that if I died on the Battlefield, and the sacrifice I have made.
I should die with a smile, cause my life ensures that America is free another day.

I'll be hailed as a Hero for all and the world to know.
I'll die protecting my family, what better way to go.

They have a saying for the fallen ones who before me have fell.
They're guarding the Gates of Heaven, they served their time in Hell.

As we load up our Amtracks and pushed toward the border.
A big can of whoop-ass is what our President has ordered.

I was jerked from my thoughts when the first round went off.
I honestly thought our lead track had been lost.

Nothing prepares you for the chaos of War.
I now stand with the few who have fought on foreign shores.

After two rounds fired, and an enemy tank in a blaze.
a direct hit on one of our Abrams and it didn't even faze.

The U.S. Bombs we watched fall into lraq.
Paved the way for our battalion to attack.

The bright flash or glow and the cheers from the bombs we could see.
Knowing the enemy is dead and are no threat to the U.S. Marines.

Our battalion pushes in closer to Baghdad, crushing military records along the way.
Our first mission accomplished, the southern oil fields are all okay.

We flank around the Capital and stop just to the north.
Get set in position and wait to push forth.

We set in a blocking position on a Northern road to try and relax.
Then all hell breaks loose and all you hear is that 'Crack.'

It's that distinct sound of an A.K.-47 And its shooting your way.
You get pissed off and say 'Lets Play'

My job is a Gunner on a M24O Golf so I fired at the first two I saw.
Both men stopped, and were frozen in mid fall.

Ole Betty-Lou can fire a thousand rounds in no time.
Never once did she falter as we held the front line..

Soon they were shooting R.P.G's at out position,
We were ordered to fall back, Arti was called for a mission.

We fell back and regrouped and I will always remember this day,
I remember that cry from my then Corpal, 'R.P.G. get away! ! '

It skipped off a berm as I watched it fly by.
Knowing that if that rocket hits, we're all gonna die.

Sgt. Ruiz running behind me threw me into a ditch and jumped over the
Shielding me from the shrapnel if that rocket went POP!

Our worst day of battle now draws to a close,
Lifeless bodies are now laying in neat rows.

We were ordered to shoot, but with positive l.D.
lf they had a weapon, we dropped them with ease.

There is always a request from a Grunts last Good-Bye.
Tell his family he loves them, be he lived do or die.

Most of the fighting is over, but 2/5 paid its due.
For the two of its Greatest Marines did not make it through.

We head back down south, what a journey so far.
Now we take over Samawah and try to bring it up to par.

The lraqis their greeted us with a thumbs up or cheer.
It's the feeling of pride and hopes of a city no longer living in

Samawah turned out to be the most southern town,
No town in lraq was as safe or as sound.

Around the same time we were getting ready to leave,
We're told to pack up, and be ready by zero three.

Our Battilion C.O. has ordered Echo Co. on a mission.
Just below Baghdad, this part of Iraq is in bad condition.

'Ambush Alley' is what we called it in the war.
One of our missions is to make it secure.

It took 3 days in town and the Insurgents greeted us at last,
I'm thrown out of my rack by an R.P.G. blast.

After 5 R.P.G.'s and no Marines hit,
An innocent family is hurt and a fire in us was lit.

Two children were hurt both very severe,
Both now have to live with their new kind of fear.

We find out quick the lraqis value life very low,
A then simple argument can create a shoot out between homes.

So we started first by letting the town know why we are here.
Next we use force, let's give them some fear.

Once the town is secured, it will be time to rebuild.
Power and Water companies started making stupid deals.

We did ambushes and road blocks to stop the traffic from bringing weapons in.
It seemed to be working for activity was thin.

Then one night a patrol is out looking for thieves,
When stopped dead in their tracks from an ambush whistle in the

The whistle is blown from behind the patrol,
The rear man has security, back down the road.

He then spots two lraqis with their weapons unslung.
Two shots ring out and both lives are done.

I think it's amazing our whole Company came back,
I still hear the sounds of that evil crack.

All of the nights I sat on a 4 hour post and would think about home.
That day finally came when we left the 'Hot Zone'

1/3 of my enlistment has been spent in a war.
The men I fought beside you couldn't ask for more.

I've shared alot with you, though some I wont say.
This was my story though told in my own way.

I'll always be a Marine untill the day I say good bye.
Semper Fidelis my fellow Brothers and Sisters! ! Remember Do or Die! ! !

Lcpl. Jordan, Justin 0331 'Gunz up! ! '

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

I was in the invasion of Iraq and here's my story beat told as I could.

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