A Missing And Lost Father Too Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

A Missing And Lost Father Too

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A thought came to my head
it was my father on my mind
it was heinous
I went totally blind
what a senseless crime
I committed
'Silence, Straight suicide'
Remembering two years ago
was like yesterday
seeing my father
at my sister house
working around the house
doing odds and ends
cooking for his Grandchildren
I never thought it was his final days
My father past away on July 28,2007
three days after my birthday
It was the saddiest and hopeless days
of my life
let alone having a happy time
coming back from Cancun, Mexico
on a Honeymoon with my wife
because before that day
I wish to hold my pride
and not scarifice
I ultimately paid the price
for not being so nice
My father lost his life
to a cause of cancer
right in my face
his children at his bedside
we all scrabble
as he scrumb to his death
fighting for life
taking his final breath
I fell right on my chest
white sheet covering his body
as he was put to rest
I revert back to the drawing board
to my desk for another test
I tried to draw up a plan
to redress
I came up with no clue
I was lost
to the cost
didn't know what to do
I was so helpless
so defenseless
tears form in my eyes
It was a feeling
ofwho is the boss
it was a surprise
I was loss
I didn't get to reconcide my difference
with my father
and so he didn't bother
to see how we both
went astray
he stood strong
because he knew he was wrong
he brought it to my attention
when I was doing time as a juvnile
we cried and even laugh awhile
when he visit
one thing for sure
we didn't settle our differents
It carry on as years went on
even while
I was doing time as an adult
we tried to talk
he sat there
with nothing to say
like a lamb duck
I knew
I was stuck
he is not only to blame
it was me too
having his ways
I say for get you too
only to lose
in the long run
He went to his grave
without settling his debt
to his sons
now that we have sons
of our own
that sit home all alone
not knowing
why we don't communicate
to them like father and son
should do
it's tough love
what we are use to
I thought they knew
no guidance
we your sons
are rejects
without you in our lives
then and now
I(we) am my father
A Lost Father Too

Chelsi Ruffing 14 March 2009

Very well written. Its sad and very heart felt.

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