A Moist Eye Bemoans. Poem by Ebi Robert

A Moist Eye Bemoans.

Rating: 4.0

I never knew how the communication works
It's just like several waves work together
to make me suffer.
But am sustained in a way.
And where the boldness comes, I do not know,
However I am bold.
I do not know the parents' voice anymore,
But I know thy work.
What is this communication I could not communicate?
Was it a coincidence?
What is this communication?
A communication of death?
Or do I have an eye that sees nothing?
I do not know.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Alkesh Pandey 15 November 2013

Yup... The moaning eye is moist... Bt it communicates all emotions. A good work.... Compells to think

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Hazel Durham 14 November 2013

Very deep, as you look for an answer to life's puzzle of communicating the truth or just playing the game of life!

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Poetheart Morgan 14 November 2013

when your eyes are moist solitude or can be dry ilusion

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Dinesan Madathil 14 November 2013

The moist in the communication is superb. But what is it communicating with you often? Death? Leave that thought for now. Be optimistic and happy... By the by, reading my poem/poems is left to your choice and you may do in a random manner. I shall read your poems as well in a random manner. All the best Mr Ebi...

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Captain Herbert Poetry 14 November 2013

a deep message. Nice poem

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Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert

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