Friday, October 16, 2009

A Month Of Herbs Comments

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My Mother was a Herbalist
Who lived to ninety five
And with her pills and potions
She kept us all alive!


Rachel Butler 06 November 2009

'A dose of Mother's remedies Would wipe each tear' Rachel Ann Butler

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Seema Joglekar 29 October 2009

Gosh! You have an entire health guide there. Nature surely is the best guide, teacher &healer.I too am an ardent fan of Ayurveda(an ancient science of medicine that is more than a thousand year old that uses natural herbs) .Your Mom is worth her salts.Thanks for sharing!

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Emu Getachew 24 October 2009

Great tribute to a mom and her abilities. I hope you share her wisdom with your children.

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Stacey Watts 24 October 2009

Excellent piece an nice remembrance of your mother. It sounds like she was a very wise mother and took care of her family well.

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a wonderful poem sir. lovely XAXA rhyming scheme. lovely rhythym. fine piece.. something for all.. with the exception of the two stanza where you have BABA, that kind of threw of the flow by the inserted rhymes in the first and third line.. it's perfect! ! !

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Myrtle Thomas 23 October 2009

Dearest John, A great tribute to your mother! and I'm sure this is how are forefathers and mothers survived, with their knowledge of nature and love of family and earth.I found this very informative as well.I must say I had never thought of writing about herbs but you have done a wonderful lovely job of it. I look forward to your posts.Myrtle Thomas

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Luwi Habte 22 October 2009

dear poet there this is so nice piece so lovely rhythm i loke it... nice tribute to some one it concern luwi

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Fay Slimm 21 October 2009

A loving and lively tribute to your Mum and may all Mums who care as much as she did take comfort from it too - - thanks John - - - - from Fay

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a vital poem! ! ! ! ! yea an inspired one, I loved it... I loved so much the bunch of flowers wich has Healthy and Spiritual effects a Great done Wise Man! Moms and Nature have many things in common Nature is my second Mother... I adore Nature as I adore my Mother... sowing Love Seeds, much than love I gather... caressing you both, I'd be happy with either... Enigma/ with LoVe&PeaCe

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Amber Gordan 20 October 2009

I love this poem! It's very true, i give it 10/10 Amber (:

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 October 2009

This is a wonderful poem, John. I think all mothers are more or less herbalists and know many secrets of the nature. Best Regards. Naseer

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Akram Saqib 18 October 2009

good poem +10 from me

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Patti Masterman 16 October 2009

She sounds like she was a real sweet old Lass. Probably she did keep you all much more lively with her herbal magic!

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