Monday, April 22, 2013

A Mother's Advice To Her Daughter Comments

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The sound of wedding bells, I hear
My daughter’s maiden flight, so near
Festive celebrations, in full gear
And nuptial gaiety, so much in the air


Valsa George
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 11 October 2016

Dear Valsa, A wonderful poem that every mother and every daughter should read. Mother's golden words will always be a soothing balm that shall echo into a loving daughter's ears throughout her life.

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Akhtar Jawad 14 July 2014

A great advice in a lovely poem. Conquer the hearts through your innate charisma Never surrender to anyone but to your anima Hold your head up and never look timid And venture into a life with dreams vivid!

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Paul Sebastian 14 April 2014

Beautiful message to pass on to a daughter. Culturally rooted. A good sign-post for all daughters!

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Kanav Justa 01 December 2013

... i am glad you have took seriously... whatever your mother said.. listning is easy and to do what you are told to is different.. you have absorbed everything that you mother said... Nice write.

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Queeny Gona 05 November 2013

Such a wonderful message has to be really passed on to the younger generation without fail! It would surely pilot towards healthy and lovely establishment of family life. It's my pleasure to read such notable words from a caring mother dear Valsa George mam!

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Lathaprem Sakhya 22 September 2013

Loved it. Read my New nest Please

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Patricia Grantham 17 August 2013

I really adore this write Valsa. A mothers advice is always good even when it comes to marrying and leaving the home. She will never steer her children wrong. A wise daughter will take heed to this wonderful show of love. I have two poems titled My mother, My friend and Number One Mother please take a look when you get time. I will post this as one of my favorite poems. A truly enjoyed write Madam Valsa.

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Heather Wilkins 03 July 2013

Only a dear mother could give her daughter advice such as this. lovely enjoyed

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Walterrean Salley 30 April 2013

Valsa, this is a jewel for the jewelry box. Great advice for many aspiring young women. And a very soothing read. Thank you.

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Lyn Paul 30 April 2013

How beautiful that these amazing words have meant so much to you through your life. She will be proud of you and your words.

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Valerie Dohren 23 April 2013

Another lovely poem from your pen Valsa. Enjoyed reading very much.

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Kavya . 23 April 2013

Such a beautiful piece of advice leaving a huge impact in xperience dat a lady gatherz in her life is v well narrated thru this poem..a wonderful poem for all the beginners abt to venture into a marital knot.

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Hmmm...Adore d man wit all ur ardour... Shaping an advice into such a beautiful form that no one will want to deviate from it...lovely, nd I'm also taking up dis advice...

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Shahzia Batool 22 April 2013

A mother is a heavenly being, the blessed one, who is respected universally irrespective of any caste, creed or color, the first training institute for kids, esp.daughters...this poem is a message of virtue, a reminder, not only for the daughters, but also for those mothers who teach their daughters the bad lessons of separation and domestic segregation among the relations. Ms. Valsa George, you are an example of a dutiful daughter who kept the mother's lesson with you, and now handed over as a dowry to many daughters. great! ! !

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Chandra Thiagarajan 22 April 2013

Valsa, you are really the treasure trove of poets in PH.Each one of your poems are exquisite and this poem, though a simple advice of a mother to her daughter is couched with such brilliant words with the musical flow with wonderful rhyme and rhythm that its finesse strikes a chord in the heart and makes me read and re-read to to enjoy its magnificence! Simply beautiful!

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Victoria Donnelly 22 April 2013

this is a beautifully crafted poem.....great words and sentiments to pass on with love.

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