Adebiyi Adekunle Oluwaseun

A Nation Void Of Divinity

Heads and hands fallen apart
The legi-work of hungry carnibals
In the habitat of butchering bombers
Victims of the theory of confusion
Hinged on a blind religious fanatism
A creation of an aura of fear
State of emergengy; a restriction of movement
Christians exiled by ballistic force
Prayers of destruction sanctimoniously offered
South and west in an attempt to secede from the polity
A precautionary fragmentation to rescue a tribal consanguinity
Nation's security handicapped to face the menace
What else in a nation void of divinity

Tongues and speaking aids in the air
Motivations for a mass movement
Elders at home, youths on the street
Opportunists in the realm of joy; a chance of agitation given
Executives in their maga luxury
Multitudes congesting the protesting alleys
Abstractive subsidy removed; citizens deceived
Presidents and governors in their procession
Limitless in apparatchiks;
12 cars, police escorts
10 vans, burly guards
20 riders with status horns
Swallowing the decibels of self importance
What else in a nation void of divinity

Biros and markers in compulsory sabbatical
A procreation from the disgust of education
In this season of political vertigos
Students in the tornado of unlikes
Females got pregnant, males marrying guns
A result of pleasure and sinister necessities
Intellectual milieu metamorphosed into a silent graveyard
Glasses and planky seats missing each other
Lecturers traveled in a quest for greener currency
Radicals on the road; fulminating for academical eldorado
Government unready and arrogant, burdened with mega-malaria
What else in a nation void of divinity

Pot-bellies and skinnies in a contest for power
The desperate race to the scepter's seat
Overseeing the ecomoney of the whole
Election's result favoured the umbrella
A continuation to the impeccable drowning
When will this well of wealth dry?
A question in the art of its enjoying process
Wives founding foundations, children schooling abroad
Parents singing the paradox of reaping fruits of labour
At the costly expense of many's death and lack
In a country where politics means gather and chop
Undiseased swollen stomach feeding from fderal's funds
Rights of many deprived, garage of cars enlarged
Mal-process of election, many lives lost, the gulp of champagne
Cries of corruption covering the clouds of the country
Activist birthed, prophets killed, protests in futility
Lawyers getting richer, police benefiting from naira notes
Politicians, citizens, activists all in the theater of the absurd
All else in a nation void of divinity

The wise and the old in the search for solution
To the ailing and putrefying state of the nation
A panacea proferred from the pages of the prophet
My people perish for lack of knowledge
Goes the deux ex machinaic poiter
The nation must come to the knowledge of the true GOD
A propitiation for our sins through confession and repentance
The singularity of the way of peace
Crying to GOD for mercy
Believing in HIS only begotten son- JESUS
Accepting HIM into our lives
Then will our nation be in peace, progress and prosperity
Or else it is a nation void of divinity…

Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 5, 2012

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