Monday, January 29, 2007

- A Night Song - Comments

Rating: 2.6

Nights like this are
Lonesome and Long
Wish you were here
To sing me a song.


Aparna Chatterjee
Aparna Chatterjee 08 September 2019

Dear Suratha, Thank you for your review. I'm a woman, not a man, so please don't call me 'Sir'.

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Suratha Kumar Rout 08 September 2019

The poem 'A night song' is a love poem. Beautiful creation. Thank you sir for sharing.

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Aparna Chatterjee 02 June 2018

Thanks Robert and Narayanan Kutty for your positive reviews.

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Robert Murray Smith 01 June 2018

A lyrical write of a night song. Well expresed.++10

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It is a hope of finding her love at night long solitude. Wonderfully written.

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Soumya Ranjan Rout 16 November 2017

A song of love, A song of pain, The winter sunshine And the summer rain

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Aparna Chatterjee 09 May 2016

Dear Dev, I've read some of your poems. They are nice :) You are welcome to share your poems on Boloji where I publish poetry. Cheers Aparna

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Aparna Chatterjee 09 May 2016

Dear Piyush, Subhas and Dev Anand, Thanks for your appreciation of this composition.

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Dev Anand 07 May 2016

beautiful love poem. desires, wishes, love and romance., love your poems. dev. please read my romantic poems if time allows..... i write only sensual and romantic poems. dev.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 21 April 2016

I enjoyed reading the lines Nights like this are Lonesome and Long Wish you were here To sing me a song. What a stanza it is! Some smiles to cherish, Some tears to weep, Memories together For us to keep. I am stunned at the beauty of this poem. Thanks a lot poetess. Keep the voyage on dear poetess. It deserves 10.

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Piyush Dey 14 August 2014

a poem for togetherness. nice rhymes. lovely.

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Aparna Chatterjee 24 April 2014

Dear Mishra Ji, Glad to read your review. Thank You :)

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Prasanna Mishra 24 April 2014

Sweetness and tenderness so softly spoken. Thanks

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Aparna Chatterjee 06 February 2013

Dear Hardik, Vipins, Braja and Palas, Thanks ever so much for reading and reviewing.

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Hardik Vaidya 02 February 2013

We all live in moments. But how well we live in it is the root of the matter. When a poet lives a moment in absolute self mode, with nothing but the poet per Se, no other accompaniments, pure and sheer self he or she lives her cosmic signature tune, which unlike the stars and thankfully so, is different for every moment, but specific to the poet. I think in this poem you lived your signature tune, you were in unison with your true self. I liked this poem Aparna, and again some how or the other I get the scent feminty in your pen, and it has nothing to do with gender, but the fundamental nature of ones soul. For example this poem could only have been written by a feminine soul. A man has no chance to think of it.

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Vipins Puthooran 15 December 2011

If thou wert a rose in that vale I'd love your rubious petals As I've opal eyes like a sparrow For shall I sing a song An unsung song of my soul For sweep away all your sorrows With the flutter of wings like a gale! ! A g'd poem! ! ! !

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Braja K Sarkar 19 February 2010

Simple but beautiful...

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