Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Nonsense Poem - A Villanelle Comments

Rating: 4.5

A little mouse sings in a bowl
A little fish runs on a wheel
A little worm hops in a hole


Alison Cassidy
Bob Blackwell 04 October 2008

Great fun a ten Bob

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Indira Renganathan 22 August 2008

A sensible nonsense lines interesting 10

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, aryaindia 06 August 2008

O.K. you have tried to do something here and you call it nonsense. O.K. I go with that........arya......blessings and more sense.........arya

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Mary Naylor 19 July 2008

I enjoyed your Villanelle! Not an easy poem to write.

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C. P. Sharma 17 June 2008

Awesome poem. Alison, modern sensibility has reached to such an extent that it generally appears more sensible when we talk nonsense, like Shakespearean fool.

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Adeline Foster 06 June 2008

Hello Alison: A lovely little villanelle. I teach a poetry class at Hagerstown Community College and would like to use your poem along with a brief biography of the poet. It would make a lovely contrast to “A Voice in the Scented Night” by H. Austin Dobson. The bio goes something like this: Poet: _ Born: _ Date: _ State: _ Started writing poetry at age: _ Working at present: _ You can view my poetry at Thanks in advance, Adeline Foster

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Chuck Audette 05 June 2008

weird. it made perfect sense to me! -chuck

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Andre Lopez 31 May 2008

i like the freedom of this poem. there should be more poems like this one!

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a little write fills a great heart. it's not silly but pretty.nice work allie! From your ever pal, Sulaiman

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Raymond Wright 16 May 2008

I love this poem, and that's not nonsense! ~Ray

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Onelia Avelar 16 May 2008

Very funny :)) An ostensible nonsense, the humour is actually often in the absurd, therefore the poem is very humorous really. I just imagine 'A little mouse sings in a bowl' :)) ...

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Paul Hamer 13 May 2008

One of the most sensible poems you have writtan... so far

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Amie-Lee ...... 13 May 2008

I agree, definately nonsense, but good for laughs.

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Andrew Blakemore 11 May 2008

A lovely piece Alison, made me giggle. Thanks for sharing. Love Andrew x

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LOVED IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! What a brilliant write, nice and oddly crazy which one likes to be occasionally! ! Hey Ho, fiddledee dee. I think this poem is working for me. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Raveendran . 08 May 2008

Behind the mask: A little sigh fancies a meal _ Great attempt.

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R H 07 May 2008

A no nonsense, nonsense villanelle if I'm not mistaken! How clever! Great run of wacky images all flowing with an effortless ease that makes them appear quite believable - I imagined each and every one! Not sure who would be more proud, Edward Lear or Dylan Thomas! A touch of Allie Cassidy magic here for sure! Enchanting... j xx

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Philip Housiaux 06 May 2008

bit of fun and why not.

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Marvin Brato 05 May 2008

A fun to read though a burn to the head! Makes me smile too! A 10.

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David Harris 05 May 2008

Allie, I was away when you put this up or I would have caught it sooner. Never mind I caught this whimsical bit of nonsense which brought a smile to my face. Top marks and thanks for brightening up my morning. Love David xxxx

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