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A Poet To Be

Rating: 4.1

A poet I claim not to be,
For words are never there.
In all the years I've tried to write,
I have no words to share.

I sit and think but nothing comes,
No inspiration here.
I want to write of anything,
But still no words I fear.

I read the works of other poets,
I wish I were like them.
How do they write such beautiful lines,
A poet, I'm not him.

I try to write from the heart,
From deep within my soul.
I try to write of the love I have,
But cannot reach my goal.

But why I ask, why can't I write,
Of love so pure and true.
Why can't I write about her eyes,
A mix of green and blue.

I want to write about her smile,
It brightens up my day.
I try to think of anything,
But words I cannot say.

I wish I knew how to write,
A poem with such bliss.
I wish I knew how to describe,
Her soft but tender kiss.

I cannot even begin to write,
How she holds me tight.
How her arms around me,
Makes everything just right.

A poet does not have to think,
The words flow right out.
When I sit and try to write,
I want to scream and shout.

I mean come on, how hard can it be,
To write about her hair.
Such long beautiful natural blonde,
That flows in the air.

I try to write about her laugh,
The words will not fly.
Time passes and finally,
I say it's soft and high.

It's been an hour and a half,
I'm here on verse twelve.
I had to go to Rhymezone,
To find out the rhyme is shelve.

A poet does not do that,
Go online to find a rhyme.
A poet has it in his head,
And can write at any time.

But a poet I am not,
For I cannot write of love.
How the girl I am with,
Is an angel from up above.

How I love her with all my heart,
And want to spend my life with her.
How her love for me is more,
Than I can ever be for sure.

As I draw near the end,
My mind is not so numb.
I realize I've just written of love,
A poet I have become.

Alicia Meyers 06 August 2012

A poet you trully are. It's not always that poets and writers have it all inside their heads. I, too, use the internet for help. To use it for a word to put inside my novel or a poem - so it seems I look like I'm at least smart, to rhyme a word, to find the meaning of a word. And even though I am a young writer, I am a good one, to the extent of what I think I am. But Adam, you are a true poet. Your lines are as beautiful as a butterflies wings. As beautiful as the crystal like snowflakes on the ground in winter. You, are magnificent.

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This poem is a wonderful poem and i wish i had such talent like yours. It takes me forever to think of rhymes and a poem can take me up to a week to write and they aren't that good. This poem reminds me of myself when I'm sitting at my desk trying to write :) it gave me much inspiration though!

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Valerie Dohren 25 July 2012

Excellent write, you are indeed a true poet.

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Diana Americano 04 July 2012

it is truly beautiful and i do love how you thought. At times it is hard to think of what to right, but in truth it ill always come to you when you least expect it. keep writing like you do!

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Kasia Fedyk 02 July 2012

Adam, it is beautiful and free flow of words without a thought, I know you wrote this with your heart and soul I can feel it, I just know! Amazing poem Adam! ! ! Love it.

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Ajay Shaan 01 January 2013

You've described the indescribable man! The 'online' part kind of stands out though.

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Mark Dillon 04 September 2012

really enjoyed this, great write AGAIN.

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Anthony Han 17 August 2012

you ask for more reviews, and man im glad you asked me, This is wonderful man!

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Zaid Akhtar 10 August 2012

superb! ! simple yet so expressive... and i really liked the part: A poet does not have to think, The words flow right out

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Kelvin Owusu 07 August 2012

this is what i like to read nice simple smart.. i like the way you right keep it up

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