Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Pure Love. Comments

Rating: 4.9

As the snowdropp sea of glistening white
Envelopes and amazes me, I, standing
Here in a woodland clearing think of mighty
Love. This waving scene of purity hangs


Fay Slimm
Chinedu Dike 01 November 2020

Powerfully and moving penned.

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 27 April 2020

Pure love is snowdrop white and gives itself. Lovely sentimental way of putting it.

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Martins Akhoeneto 08 May 2018

Nice lines artistically crafted

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Donward Bughaw 29 May 2016

well-written poem maam. like it

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 14 December 2014

A subtle great freeverse poem on devotional love. So nice to read u again.

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Don Pengilly 18 April 2012

I love this poem, thanks Fay

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Patricia Joan Jones 04 January 2012

Gorgeous and elegantly flowing work. I was captivated.

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Rachel Butler 19 September 2009

Look at love so pure it takes us forward In accepting states of grace that random Fate never planned Rachel Ann Butler

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Diana Van Den Berg 20 July 2009

I lost myself in this poem as beautiful as a raindrop.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 June 2009

'Pure love is snowdropp white and gives itself. I must away but I will come again To find a presence here which can be felt.' Nice poem on a pure love. Lovely imageries are used. Pure love is a heavenly gift.10+++

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Smiley Hooker 18 June 2009

Tender flowing lines, caressing words, soothing poem of love. Beautiful! : -)

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Surayya Abbas 02 May 2009

A Pure Love is a lovely poem.Well written.

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Muhammad Ali 23 April 2009

yes it is..... my friend the title justified nice poem.......10+ -Ali

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so pure and so true nice work

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T McH 09 March 2009

Pure indeed. The most beautiful title leads me to to the most beautiful and eloquent piece for which I thank you. t x

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Riquetta Elliott 24 February 2009

This is very beautiful Slimm and very simple describing the pure love.

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Jack Prost 16 February 2009

Pure and simple, without judgement to blemish or need to question. A state of grace. Beautiful poem.

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Dr Kamran Haider 11 February 2009

Love is defined with purity and near to perfection through your visionary eyes... Great piece...

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James Roberts 09 February 2009

What a beautiful poem Love of the Gods from which all other true loves are distilled!

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Reshma Ramesh 08 February 2009

pure love and snow.......beautiful.............well penned

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