Sara Stowell

A Purpose For You - Poem by Sara Stowell

She stood quietly on the edge,
Looking at the waves crashing below.
Knowing nobody would miss her,
Doubting anyone would even know.

Alone in a sea of people,
That is the way the world made her feel.
No purpose to her existence,
Trapped in a nightmare that wasn’t real.

There were never any answers,
No one there to see her through the strife.
Just a piece of cosmic garbage,
Clinging to a lonely, useless life.

She wondered if the fall would hurt.
What if she didn’t die right away?
Knowing her luck, she might survive,
Crippled by the choice she made today.

Maybe then people would notice.
Of course, many would try not to stare.
She wouldn’t be invisible,
At least, people would notice the chair.

As she stood there in reflection,
She heard a strangely familiar voice.
She turned to see a little child,
Begging her not to make the wrong choice.

“You don’t want to do this.
You don’t know how important you are.
Who is going to be my parent,
If your light flickers out like a star? ”

The child became a teenager,
And addressed the woman once more.
“Who will pick me up when I fall,
If your advice, I choose to ignore? ”

And then the vision changed again,
A young adult was standing there now.
And asked: “Who will see my wedding,
When I’ve chosen to make such a vow? ”

Again the apparition changed,
An elderly person took her hand.
“There is something I must show you,
I think it will help you understand.”

Then suddenly, all around her,
Stood a crowd of people, young and old.
“Each of these are your descendants.”
It was truly a sight to behold.

Then the vision began to fade,
And only the little child remained.
“I’m depending on you,
Do you understand what I’ve explained? ”

“Every person has a purpose,
Some will pass life’s tests, others will flunk.
But every soul is important.
God is not the creator of junk.”

With that, the vision disappeared.
And life’s meaning came into view.
All have a reason for living,
There’s a plan and a purpose for you.

© S.E.S

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 29, 2006

Poem Edited: Saturday, April 29, 2006

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