A Rhyme Of A Bloody Verse Poem by Rajmoi Phukan

A Rhyme Of A Bloody Verse

For her, I write in blood, and rhyme this verse
In this madhouse of a city, in a drunken farce.
Her beautiful eyes, her lustful smile
Is what I wish to see in this lifetime, for a while.
This gentle heart of mine, yearns for her sight
As I fight for a piece of bread, in this poverty of a plight.
I wait for her, 'cause my love for her is true
And all I long to hear, is that- she loves me too.
Her beauty so defined, that a normal poem can't describe
No matter how much similies, metaphors or imageries I try to scribe.
Whenever she comes to my dreams, my face lights up with a impish glee
For I love her to the moon and back; how thoughtful is she.
I've flown across cities and islands, and have come this far
'cause one day, in this lifetime for sure, I will see her.

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