A Road Without End Poem by Tex T Sarnie

A Road Without End

Rating: 5.0

I began my journey on this long and winding road,
the road that every person has to make.
I didn't know at the beginning or even now
where it would take me, or how long it would take.

Continually I walk this informative road of knowledge,
learning and gaining experience as I go.
Trying to see through the deceptions of people,
which they unashamedly like to show.

I don't want to spend my time distrusting everyone.
So, I tend to believe what they say until proven wrong.
I have learned that it's best to be defensive with my trust
because even the ones you love can string you along.

A teller of untruths requires an exceptional memory,
but occasionally they do make a telling mistake.
However, they will lie further to justify their error,
making it difficult to know what is the truth, or fake.

I've gained my fair share of knowledge
journeying along this road of surprises.
Continually going forward without looking back,
knowing there is no end to what it can give us.


Nice one. Enjoyed reading. Could you please read my poem "A road in the middle of nowhere ". Thank You.

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Lyn Paul 19 November 2019

Many times the road seems too long. In aging it is now about finding that balance to only hear what is needed. For there are too many chiefs, too much greed, too little peace. Great wisdom.

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Gajanan Mishra 19 November 2019

Fair share of knowledge, great write

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