Sandra Fowler
W. Columbia, WV, USA
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Scent Of Gray Comments

Rating: 3.7
The sound of rain is winter on the roof.
It whispers us into fragility.
One tear dropp has the power to shatter glass.
The gray scent of the river fills the room.


Sandra Fowler
Cindy Kreiner Sera 17 July 2009
'It rains in my world, Friend, the same as yours. How wonderfully put - a Scent of Gray giving off a feeling of softness - a wrapping for love
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Andrew Blakemore 21 January 2009
A wonderful picture you paint with your words Sandra, great imagery. Best wishes, Andrew
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Vinod Kumar 15 January 2009
Greate fantasy, well penned friendship in the background of cool landscape and rain, its really coming from the heart, thanks for sharing the tribute,10++
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Fay Slimm 20 September 2008
A wonderful letter of friendship, bringing the landscape of your home to the recipient in such warm descriptive terms. I loved the first line which opened into a rare and heartfelt exchange of personal care. Thank you.
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Sarwar Chowdhury 17 September 2008
wonderfull imagery with fine words. its profound and compact composed.......10++
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james w foulk 30 May 2008
you paint a picture with your words. loved this poem
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Oh my, this has so much depth that at first read I can't take it all in. Sandra, it's right what David says, each line carries such weight. The last part really sings out the pain on your separation. This truly resonates. HG: -) xx
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David Desantis 21 May 2008
Sandra I love your writing! ! ! I agree that content is extremely important to a poem, yet often I look more at style (maybe its the musician in me) ..the reason i loved this one so much is that each line was a new sentence, almost like a chant..sentences often ended in words with 'f' too, i don't know of that was concious or uncious, but it gave it repeating characteristics that played into the chant...your really an excellent writer, not that you need me to tell you that, just thought you should know 10/10
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Katherine Wiley 06 April 2008
Sandra-your poem is very beautiful. I had vivid imagery in my mind as I read it. I feel as you do, and enjoy communicating with people from other parts of the world. I find that we all more or less think in the same basic way. Wonderful poem. kate
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Melvina Germain 01 April 2008
Sheer beauty exists in this heartfelt poem Sandra, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Melvina
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William Jackson 23 February 2008
I love the last stanza, particularly the lines, ' It has been awesome to touch souls with yours, ' and 'It rains in my world, Friend, the same as yours.' Warmest regards, William
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Cyclopseven R 23 February 2008
Touches the innermost existence.
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Chris Mendros 19 February 2008
Stirring and vivid imagery, and a warm sentiment to boot. Nice work.
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good bye 17 February 2008
Very beautiful staunning and very heartfelt work Sandra, and totaly so dept and its all season. thank you for this wonderful poem you share to us. Micah
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R H 17 February 2008
A sensory delight - where the beauty in amongst the sadness and the solitude shines through... picture perfect imagery that combines the elements and the emotions with a delicacy that sets the mood to this piece that doesn't fade...and a scent of grey that lingers...j xx
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Alison Cassidy 16 February 2008
You plumb the depths of the poetic in this melancholy poem which blends the personal, the seasonal and the spiritual with seamless ease. The iambic pentameter which is your hallmark gives a distinctive flow to the poem, and yet, it is subtly different from all the others. Like the works of Bach, the reader recognizes your poetry and yet rejoices in the 'new' each time. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Mary Naylor 14 February 2008
How beautifully you paint a mood. It seems like all your poems have such a peaceful flow.
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Rani Turton 14 February 2008
The swishing of the rain on the roof has been compared to a whisper that has the power to shatter. There is an immense solitude in this poem, but a lot of power too, and at the time one senses an inner strength. Lovely poem.
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Tony Lewis 13 February 2008
wow liked a lot great job!
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Walt Martin 13 February 2008
Please pardon the colloquialism, but this just about blows me out of the water. You've been graced with a most special vision to both insightfully recognize and macroscopically express life's subtle, almost imperceptibly changing metamorphic flow through time. 'A Scent of Gray' certainly challenges, yet far beyond the wonderment, in answer, lies the wondrous. Although the moroseness of resignation is palpable in vivid suggestion, I feel it somehow comforting to reflect upon the sharing of experience and the emotionally unbreakable bands that bond. In this very real sense, I find a compelling spirituality. From a purely personal perspective, three reads on, I can note that the day's been long, and though I'm wet, I thank God I've a hand to hold! And nihilistic? Not at all... some doors remain intentionally ajar. I'm deeply appreciative of this captivating, unabashedly honest, sensitive, and masterfully done poem!
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