Emily Dickinson

Amherst / Massachusetts
Emily Dickinson
Amherst / Massachusetts
Monday, January 13, 2003

A Secret Told Comments

Rating: 2.9

A Secret told—
Ceases to be a Secret—then—


Emily Dickinson
Edgar Stevens 10 January 2015
this poem is just awesome...i would recommend it...
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Very beautiful poem and likes it very much.
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Dr Lakshmi S Bose 09 January 2015
Very nice poem, small lines thinks great
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Angelina Holmes 05 May 2014
Secrets are treasures...
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Secrets untold Are no secrets to hold But to keep it in a fold Of a few is good I'm told
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Karen Sinclair 10 January 2014
Such a clever piece displaying despair (I believe one of her other poems shared that deep secret with her notebook and eventually us) I love how the dashes become pauses yet also a suggestion in my mind that she is storing potential words and names she did not wish to share. A one bitten twice shy moment I think I adore her works...
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Joseph Ojogba Daniel 10 January 2014
the soul that is flooded with light has no dark spots... Why do we do things we tend to keep as secrets?
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* Sunprincess * 10 January 2014
.....I agree with Emily, it is better to keep a secret about yourself, than to give to someone else and let them have control over you...when friendships fail, secrets can be used against you!
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LA SOMBRA 10 January 2012
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CourtneyJae noggle 16 February 2010
but keeping secrets could be bad.. If they involved your friends around you.. you should never keep secrets then..
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Anthony Foster 10 January 2010
A secret can be a responsibility, That tears at the fabric of the soul, Never to be revealed on pain of disloyalty, A burden hidden beneath like a shoal, Ready to cause shipwreck and grief.
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Aira Olayvar 10 January 2010
Your friend’s secrets to you might be entrusted, but once you disclose it, you dishonor not just the secret, not just a friend, but you yourself… Even how close are we to our friends, we must always keep ourselves our best of friend… to be furtive. In order to live freely and not by the hands of those who felt in-control over us just because they knew something from us.
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Indira Renganathan 10 January 2010
A secret...once told...no more a secret...yet a bothering secret....Emily Dickinson is great for ever
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Ramesh T A 10 January 2010
A thing of secret develops only suspicion always between two or more! No secret can ever remain a secret at all when it is once let out to anyone! That is the nature of secret!
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okeydokey #3 10 January 2008
do not...dishonor the secret...or the person one could tell...by telling them...
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Erik Lee 10 January 2008
Isn't a secret told a possible break in your social image? Isn't Emily message: better scared than humilated?
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Molaire Jules 10 January 2008
It sounds like, She rather keep a secret about herself, Then tell others and be humiliated.
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Archie Langford 10 January 2008
She`s right of course a secret told becomes a confidence, I think
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Delilah Miller 10 January 2007
Sounds like Emily was betrayed or was keeping a secret.
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Stefan Jankiewicz 10 January 2005
Something to muse about.
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