Friday, June 21, 2013

A Sobering Thought Comments

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You really want to touch, you say.
Nay, don't take my breath away.
For breath is life, and must be breathe,
To sober think, and warnings heed.


S Holland
Sj Holland 10 March 2014

From now on, will be responding to comments at one of the poet's poems.

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A sobering thought indeed my friend.

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Sj Holland 21 September 2013

Thank you, Khairul. I really enjoy short verse too. When I see a long, long poem, I just loose interest in reading. Maybe it's because I do so much and have so little time :)

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Khairul Ahsan 14 September 2013

'Waiting is a virtue that is cultivated, '...Very true! Just four lines, but carries so much weight and wisdom! Stunned by the beauty of this short poem.

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Sj Holland 20 July 2013

Thank you Patricia! Waiting is a virtue that is cultivated, don't you think?

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Patricia Grantham 20 July 2013

We all like to do things quickly or at the blink of an eye. It is better to wait sometimes because good things comes to those who wait. A sobering thought indeed.

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Sj Holland 22 June 2013

@Ruth Walters Thank you. I'm always glad to read your comments.

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Ruth Walters 22 June 2013

don't we all want to capture a butterfly, hold its beauty in our hands..... but butterflies are fragile, break easily and breathe earth's air for just one day so better still to watch while they fly ;)

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Sj Holland 21 June 2013

@Bobby Wynn What a great comment! Thanks so much. Bluntness sometimes gets the point across a lot faster, don't you think, lol? Sometimes meandering loses people.

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R.j. Wynn 21 June 2013

Bluntly honest and pure thoughtful wisdom.

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