Crystal Mende

A Thousand Letter (Its Sad) - Poem by Crystal Mende

I wrote to you a thousand letters, I tried to call you a thousand times more. I want to spent time with you but you were to spiteful. That night when you were on the phone you told to me there was a dress waiting to be worn. I felt like a princess. I did my hair the way you like it. I even put those shoes on even thought you didn’t even care if I slipped but I did it for you. it started to rain its started to get cold dark and I feel alone drenched. At this moment waiting for you at your house, No light on any shelter no nothing waiting in cold emptyness.Tears roll down my face, my hair destroyed for what I thought was beautiful. Leaving your house in silence in the cold air with rain drops on my bare skin. Falling on the road flesh and blood mixing, with the rain drops. As pain sinks in my hand give way. I see a shadow coming closer and closer a silent wiper to my ear as the shadow said. Do not be afraid to fly. Even though the rain has fallen from the heavens you shine for the gods and goddess for up above.don’t be fooled of what you’re seeing but realize what you are feeling. As the shadow fades away I get up and start walking with a fractured ankle. Cuts and bruises and as my hands give way. A beautiful dress ruined make up ruined all down my face and my hair destroyed. I see a car going past and it feels like slow motion I see my lover that once call me beautiful in a car with another women. His faced turned form a smile to a pale face as he has seen tears a down my face. The window is winded down and I see a arm out of the window a thousand letters were put two metres away from me the I see another item handed out a thousand called to message bank. The tears of sadness were coming out rapidly blood dripping out slowly in shock. One more letter had been handed out. I opened it on the spot it had photos of all the women that he had fooled around with and a little letter that had fallen out. I picked it up and it had said a thousand women, a thousand calls to message bank, a thousand lies, a thousand reasons for not reading your letters and most of all a thousands tears I caused you and that’s why I don’t deserve you.
I felt some next to that car the shadow had his head down, but what my lover could not stop or say to me is a thousand reasons why my heart stoped beating at that very moment and a million reasons why a doctor couldn’t save me. But one shadow knew how it felt to love
The end
Crystal. M

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 13, 2008

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