Sandra Fowler
W. Columbia, WV, USA
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Touch Of Amber Comments

Rating: 3.7
The very air is amber to the touch.
Gnarled fingers trace the signature of warmth.
The slant of sun becomes significant.
Ribbons of west fall grosgrain on tin roofs.


Sandra Fowler
Khairul Ahsan 19 July 2013
The poem is unique, all the three stanzas are unique by themselves. My three preferred lines: 1. Gnarled fingers trace the signature of warmth. 2. The scent of autumn is the scent of light. 3. An old tree whispers brightness to the dusk. Very delighted to come across such a flowery poem.
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Apothecary Montague 19 October 2009
amazing, it's poetry like this that makes me sit by the lake and thank the lake for being a lake and as weird as that sounds, i know by reading this, that you understand.
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Sanjib Das 10 October 2009
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premji premji 22 September 2009
trapped in the word-storm of your poetry... i like to be there in the vertex of this twister poetic....
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Rachel Butler 20 September 2009
I smile to think of such fragility. The scent of autumn is the scent of light. Rachel Ann Butler
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Alison Cassidy 19 September 2009
Amber changes perception. Turns ordinary light into something extraordinary - warm, mellow, incandescent. Your poem is rich with amber tones. Your theme is recognizable (particularly that undercurrent of melancholy) but your voice is always new and unique. Such a privilege to read your words. Love, Alison ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Sathyanarayana M V S 15 September 2009
This is sheer magic with words, imagery and expression. Sandra! You have no equals. I know now, why my friend Mamta Agarwal adores you so much...........
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Kesav Easwaran 15 September 2009
Beautiful work Sandra...the ending stanza lines are really touching...thanks...10
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Will Barber 15 September 2009
In amber, the gem, the past lives on, caught in the moment, an ant or fly preserved for eternity in a golden jewel. And so it is with this amber poem, a tribute to friendship not forgotten, but made more dear in memory. A yellow leaf you sent, and send to us all in your music. May many such memorable leaves be added to your book. - Will
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Jasmin Whyte 12 September 2009
'You ask me once to catch a yellow leaf And send it to you in an envelope.' lovely......the colours and scents of an autumnal experience.
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Yelena M. 12 September 2009
Dear Sandra, the way your poem flows is like an entrancing dance of autumn leafs..I especially loved the line as autumn is my favourite season: 'The scent of autumn is the scent of light'. Best wishes and always your friend, Yelena M.
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Mamta Agarwal 11 September 2009
a touch of amber- a touch of Sandra; your beautiful, original tender images of a autumn and frienship really warm my heart. Honestly Sandra when I read your poems it expands my heart and touches my crown chakra, as it is called in is the abode of highest consciousness, where matter and energy merge into pure consciousness in a state of intoxicating bliss. such is the impact of your poetry. it leaves a permament stamp. Warm Regards Mamta
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Lillian Thomas 11 September 2009
wow! tenderly nostalgic, such a fine piece. added to my favorites. lots of good images, but the last line lingers with me: 'Our music runs like veins through all its leaves.'
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premji premji 10 September 2009
dear sandraji You ask me once to catch a yellow leaf And send it to you in an envelope. I smile to think of such fragility. The scent of autumn is the scent of light. i keep that open envelope deep keep me warm for ever........
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Leonard Daranjo 10 September 2009
A warm, beautiful and touching hymn to Autum and to friendship. You have woven the strands of this great season into one of the sweetest symphonies and have interlaced with the tender moments of true friendship. If nature wanted ambassadors to capture its ever changing moods and hues and keep them alive so that a single moment of its splendour is not lost, you would be one of its first choices. Through your poetry, you have reached the very pinnacle of expressiveness. You make us see what is unseeable with the naked eye and touch the impalpable. You are a true master at allowing the reader to glimpse your wonderous world. Warm regards... Leonard
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Chitra - 10 September 2009
You have great imagery and imagination, the various shades of friendship so well depicted
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Vinod Kumar 09 September 2009
We placed a great position of ancient bow tree leaves (the heart shaped banyan tree leaf) here is also i found a nature friendly yellow leaf and its surroundings the cool nature the silent sun rays all are created a eco friendly situation thanks,10+
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Marilyn Lott 09 September 2009
A lovely description of one of my favorite seasons. I could smell the cool earthy scent in the air and see the delightful changing colors. '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
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Tsira Goge 09 September 2009
An old tree whispers brightness to the dusk. Our music runs like veins through all its leaves. ....................................................................... Hello Sandra, It's very nice, One more beautiful line, as the spark of autumn amber..10x10. Best wishes, Tsira
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Siddharth Singh 09 September 2009
What a delight? A breathtaking potrayal. Voted 10.
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