Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Tribute To The Illuminated Woman Of World War Ii Comments

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Our humble tribute to you
The illuminated woman
Of Word War II
Oh! The courageous Miss Noor Inayat Khan


Kumarmani Mahakul 25 July 2018

Part-2- Against the horrendous evils You sacrificed your precious life Uttering the last single word, Liberte Let her soul remain in peace. The inscription of this poem is so nice and thought provoking. The penmanship is touching and adorable. This is really a brilliant poem nicely executed. Many thanks dear Shariff for sharing this gem. Full vote.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 July 2018

Part - 1 It is a great tribute to Miss Noor Inayat khan, the most courageous and magnificent woman of World War II who fought fought heroically against the fascism and sacrificed her precious life for the sake of humanity. In this regard I quote...... Oh! The incredible tigress You were betrayed And tortured with the high level of severity Yet you stood firm and never gave up For the sake of humanity You challenged the wicked hegemony Fighting heroically

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