Thursday, February 2, 2006

A Woman's Handbag Comments

Rating: 4.5

The handbag is a rare delight, it's like Aladdin's cave,
All sorts of things are hidden there, that females like to save,
It's black and big and heavy, with a nice long shoulder strap,
Its weighted down with odds and sods and other stuff like that.


Bridgid Patrick
Chuck Audette 31 August 2009

really got into the swing of this rhyme by the end line! But if it gets heavy, always remember, on that mugger, you can aim for the member!

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Jackelin J. Jarvis 28 March 2007

Somehow I envy Brit's when it comes to writing, yours is terrific, well thought- I wish I could take lessons from you all for words, and way of speech! Robert Hann sent me to find you! ! He told me you like to books?

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Peter A. Crowther 10 October 2006

How big is this handbag? It sounds as though it must be as big as a kitbag to tote around. Lovely sustained rhythm to the poem

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Sylvia Spencer 24 February 2006

Gyp's has said it all, I could tell you some stories about my hand bag, but it would have to pass the cencors/ fantistic poem cheers Sylvie

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Hugh Cobb 02 February 2006

Brigid, A most delightful write but be careful! All men secretly desire to know the contents of a woman's purse and this would make their direst suspicions correct. Very amusing and well-done. Warmly, Hugh

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Mary Nagy 02 February 2006

Bridgid, I bet this describes most womens purses! I really enjoyed this....I almost felt like I was peeking through your purse as I read this and discovered each new item! Very nice! (I'm very odd.......I hate carrying purses and only do out of need. My husband laughs like crazy when we go somewhere and I have to carry a purse for my drivers license and change purse but that's not enough to fill it I would dig through the junk drawers and fill it with things like rolls of duct tape, scissors, books, whatever I could find!) Great poem! Sincerely, Mary

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Ivy Christou 02 February 2006

such a delightful poem! ! i'm into handbags as well, they are so convenient :) HBH

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