Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Woman’s Place Comments

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Many say
A woman’s place belongs in the kitchen
As if it a sin
That statement is pathetically mean


Esmenio Galera 24 March 2012

I am very much impressed by this poem. The woman has a special place. Men must love their love ones. Women must be respected no matter what roles they perform.

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Barbara Terry 17 September 2009

'I am woman watch me grow, see me standing toe-to-toe, as I spread my loving arms across the land. But I'm still an enbryo, with a long, long way to go, until I make my brother understand.' (Third verse of I Am Woman, Capitol Records 3350,1972) . And these words are still true today too. But men it seems still think they run the world with their (.......) and that because of that, women not having a (.....) is far inferior to the male. Well, I say that men should have to go through a monthly cycle, pregnancy, hot flashes, prejudice in the work place by being paid less for the same job. I would like to see a man raise a child the way a woman does. Oh maybe they can shop for food, clothes they need, clean the house so it is somewhat clean, and even make the dinners. But can they do it the way we can? NO! Men in my opinion should be in a case that reads, 'break glass only in case of reporduction'. Men! Sorry for ranting but men IMHO are worthless beasts that don't deserve respect or the the time of day. You have written this one well but no woman should have be second fiddle to her man or any man for that matter. Nicely written and it does read well. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Bob Blackwell 09 November 2008

A womans place should be, where she can share her many talents and work equally with a caring man, to make a loving home. A home like this is blessed. Bob

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

Woman! ! Thats what really a woman is! ! Very inspiring! ! !

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Mary Nagy 16 October 2005

Very nice poem. Very empowering. Sincerely, Mary

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