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A Word From The Wise

Make your fun and happiness
Where ever you are.
Don't let cities and places make you,
Take you afar.
Make your space what you want it to be,
And be free.

I was reading recently the tragic story of the life of Abigail Folger, and how she moved from coast to coast, searching for meaning and happiness in life. Sometimes we think we'll be happy in another town, another city, another state. It's possible, but maybe, just maybe we're not living fully who we really are, in the place from which we are always wanting to escape.
Patricia Grantham 08 July 2013

A nice poem about contentment. Moving around all about town just to find peace is not always the solution. True peace comes from accepting the person that you are and not what others try to mold you to be. Very inspiring Sandi.

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Sj Holland 05 July 2013

@Peter Mamara Funny you should say that. On a past job many, many years ago, I was accused, by my boss, of being philosophical in some writing that I'd done. Probably a letter of some sort. Anyway, though I didn't see anything wrong with what I'd expressed, his comment left me feeling lacking in some way. I never understood what was wrong with being philosophical, except that maybe it had no place in the business world. But then, in all the jobs I had in the business world, I never fitted in anyway :) I'm honored by your comment. Thank you very much.

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Sj Holland 30 October 2013

Thanks for reading, Roseann Shawiak. I will read one of your poems.

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Roseann Shawiak 28 October 2013

Physically we can move anywhere, but within, our beings and spirits are always with us. That is where we are to find the happiness, meaning, and purpose of our lives. If it's not there, we have only our attitudes to blame for our unhappiness.

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Sj Holland 24 July 2013

@Heather Wilkins Yes, be happy and be free, where ever you are.

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Heather Wilkins 22 July 2013

good advice Sandi. be happy and be free. enjoyed a good write

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Sj Holland 15 July 2013

Thanks, Patricia. One of my greatest joys is to write inspiring and motivational poetry.

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