Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Writer's Prayer Comments

Rating: 3.1

Oh! Goddess of knowledge and wisdom
Blessed I am to be gifted with the art of writing
Thousands of lines of prose and verse giving
Message of peace and love, unity and compassion


Subbaraman N V
Gita Ashok 09 June 2010

But I have a duty to my readers You are doing great justice to your duty to your readers with your exemplary work of art.

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a sincere and responsible prayer sir...every one need to do so

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Vidi Writes 10 January 2009

Let us not write with a spokesman behind. Let Logic of life override the magic of words. This is a true writers concern.

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Kesav Easwaran 13 September 2008

a good writer's good the Goddess of Knowledge to help out for a good cause...a worthy write to read worthy...10/10

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Chitra - 04 September 2008

yes that's a prayer that all i have should chant to the goddess of wisdom to give out her profound grant

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Andre Lopez 15 June 2008

yes, im some of my poems i do the same, bring love to everyone

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Rema Prasanna 23 May 2008

Vision of the writer emerges in good poetic structure, one more intelligent prayer a ten for this

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Aldo Kraas 23 January 2008

Bravo This is one of your best poems

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Linda Weischedel 02 January 2008

Awesom poem, I liked this a lot! ! !

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