Katherine Lyczek

Abandonment That Doesn'T Count - Poem by Katherine Lyczek

Living in the absinity of society
bland and roughly strewn together in the midst of wars
both internal and external
rough and bloody
we are bound to one other person in this whole world
despite what confusions and hardships cross the paths
you are always one
even in the next life
once you have set your eyes upon your other half,
there is nothing to separate with,
each door closing,
merely opens another
leaving an eternal path for your soul to follow
no one is bound by consumer brutality
everyone is their own person
created by your past
even the past before you were born
before you were YOU
however, you have always been yourself,
you just don't understand it
courageous souls are built by hate and suicide
for it is not a cowardly thing to take one self's life
it takes much heart and mind to dwindle and complete the act
lives change by the most unimportant, tiny, petty events,
making the strongest cringe ass their loved ones are ripped from them
the leaves fall as autumn comes along and undoes summer's beautiful presperations
leaving the ground bursting with unboasting fireworks,
sizzling with immentities,
we all go foth with tremendous strength,
every stroy must come to an end,
leaving some alive
some elongated towards their new lives,
in the stream of the vast universe
leaving behind the life they will most likely, never remember
but never truly forget
all memories lie deep within the strange mind of the human being
for even if separated by planets and galaxies,
lovers combine regardless
to endure life together,
never letting go, even if tis only by a shredded scrap of skin
cling to it
cherish it
even if trapped by a blasphemous subject to masterminded evil that only wishes to rip you two apart
one is never subjected to consumer brutality.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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