Lee Fones

Act 1 Scene 1 Romeo, Juliet And There Merry Maid - Poem by Lee Fones

Juliet- Romeo, Romeo where art thou thee?
Romeo- i'm in the lounge playing on wii
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo when thou bequeath
Romeo- Carry on like this two black eyes and no teeth
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo i love thou so
Romeo- for christ sake juliet just flipping go
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo please doth forgive me
Romeo- just shut the flip up and make thy my tea
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo oh for is thou stew do
Romeo- blooming heck Juliet i'm having a ooh
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo thou maiden has come
Romeo- I'll be down in a minute for our threesome

(curtains please for first naughty wet dream)
(curtains arise)

Maid- Womeo, Womeo thank ye for cream
Romeo- you're welcome maid i like that scene
Juliet- Romeo, Romeo thank ye for love
Romeo- you're welcome Juliet but why boxing glove
(bangs Romeo to the floor will romeo say anymore)
Maid- Womeo, Womeo what has thy done
Juliet- i've knocked him out to kingdom come
Maid- Uliet, Uliet why did thou boof
Juliet- well fair maid he prefers your poof
Maid- thou will make it up with thy Uliet
Juliet- first of all i'll have cigarette

(smoking is bad for your health you can save thousands of pounds
on the national health)

Maid- Uliet, Uliet please tease thy bits
Juliet- no you go first and play with thy bluetits
Maid- Uliet, Uliet what bequeaths us if Womeo awakes
Juliet- he will then have to suffocate
(well this scene is very erotic,
please dont read if you're off it)
Romeo- Juliet and maiden what is thou dumb
i see before thee two sexy tums
Juliet- leave thine alone, you great big beast
Romeo- leave thee alone do you both want a feast

(another erotic scene enjoying a nice feast icecream)

Maid- womeo, womeo thy was so good
Romeo- maid thou always give me wood
Juliet, juliet why thou is in garden
Juliet- putting up paneling, so i do beg your pardon
Maid- womeo, womeo Uliet's in a strop
Romeo- never mind gosh its so hot
Maid- womeo, womeo what will Uliet do if we did it again
Romeo- probably throw me out when we have rain

(on that night a mighty storm did erupt
out in the garden stood Romeos butt)

narrator- much swearing and cursing went on all night long
maiden and juliet had fun playing ping pong
Romeo swore and howled like a deranged dog
in the thick pea soup called fog
until the summer sun shone
but maiden and juliet had long since gone

Thy End

Topic(s) of this poem: humor

Poet's Notes about The Poem

please note contains naughty words are bleeped out

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