Siddhant Awasthi

Actions - Poem by Siddhant Awasthi

While walking down a lane,
with my i-pod in the morning of a another morning,
I thought something unexpectedly lame.
I never thought of it before,
but circumstances made me think.

For what purpose am I living in this world,
to serve myself or serve the world,
to live for myself or live for the others,
Mind always preferred the former,
but I couldn't decide what to choose.

Then I looked around,
For some inspiration,
For a guidance to bring me closer to the solution,
More I thought,
More I got entangled between the thoughts,
For it was more complicated than I thought.

I didn't see anything for a while,
but suddenly I saw the world,
The world I never saw,
because I was blind with eyes,
I sensed a hint to my problem.

The rising sun also rose me,
Towards a new perception of life,
As the sun grew bigger,
I came closer to my problem,
And I came out with an answer.

Actions define you,
Whatever you do,
Has an outcome,
it affects you and the other people,
But impact is greater on your loved one's,
So before doing anything,
Remember them,
and Answer lies ahead of you.......... :)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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