Paula Glynn

Veteran Poet - 1,438 Points (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Adventure Part 2 - Poem by Paula Glynn

I love to travel far and wide,
Catching that airplane.
And flying those skies,
The clouds whizz past.
As the airplane zooms,
And people eat and drink,
Enjoying the airplane ride,
For it is a beautiful sky,
And amazing that science,
Mean that people can fly.

I sit on that train,
Passing countryside and towns,
For trains travel fast,
Only stopping to let passengers,
On and off, and the seats,
Are very comfortable,
people reading books and magazines,
Or their laptops and iPads,
Avoiding eye contact,
But a few talk and laugh,
Having gotten onto the train together,
And eventually they get off,
The train at their destination.

The boat cruises the choppy waves,
People sitting and admiring the views,
Trying to sit still and not get wet,
And the sun shines down upon them,
As they smell the ocean air,
And the rivers they have passed through,
And it is a beautiful adventure,
To see above and below the water,
That is sometimes still, mostly wavy,
And, sometimes, mermaids wave their tails,
For it is a fascinating myth,
As the guide tells the history of the harbour,
Octopusses living deep down in the depths,
The boat passing above.

The car changes speed and gears,
Travelling from town to town,
Motorway to dual carriage way,
And county and county,
From America to Britain,
To China, to Africa,
And it is a fast car,
Travelling wide and far,
As the kids munch on crisps and Mars Bars,
And cars pass cars, throughout the journey,
Sometimes going through countryside,
Often through busy city roads,
And it is a long ride,
But one full of silence or talking,
The car a private adventure.

I sit on the bus, knowing A to B,
And I sit there is silence,
Or, if I'm with a friend, we'll chat,
And it is a relaxing bus ride,
As I people watch, for many come and go,
No one causing trouble or making a fuss,
And the countryside and houses whiz by,
People walking along the pavements,
Life on the bus where it's at.

Life is an adventure: we travel far and wide,
Person follows person on this journey known as life,
And I travel everywhere,
Whether plane, train, boat, car or bus,
For everyone has to be somewhere,
There is nowhere to hide,
For I am just a regular person,
Living this adventure called life.

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