Thursday, April 8, 2010

After The Surprising Conversions Comments

Rating: 3.2

September twenty-second, Sir: today
I answer. In the latter part of May,
Hard on our Lord’s Ascension, it began


Robert Lowell
Lazarus 28 November 2021

A real masterpiece in every respect, especially in capturing the idiom of the period. I used to teach the literature of the period at Harvard and knew Robert Lowell. To me, this is one of his best poems.

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Richard 26 December 2018

Holy this is just too much just too much. How can could anyone write like this? Feel like this? It’s just too much.

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Michael Morgan 03 May 2015

Spell-binding capture of the Puritan idiom. Maybe a verbatim culling, like the Bishop Trollope poem.

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Chinedu Dike 03 May 2015

A well articulated narrative piece nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Michael Morgan 03 May 2015

An impressive insight into the impulse to self-mutilation. Wonderfully historically informed. The Once we saw him...' bit is shrewd theater and re-focuses the reader's visual attention at just the right moment

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