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Aibolit By K.I.Chukovsky - Poem by Yuri Starostin


Kind doctor Aibolit!
He is sitting under a tree.
Come to him to be treated
And a cow and a wolf,
And a beetle, and a worm,
And a cow bear!

Kind doctor Aibolit
Will heal, cure everyone!

And the fox came to Aibolit:
'Oh, I was bitten by a wasp! '

And the watchdog came to Aibolit:
'A hen pecked me in the nose! '

And the cow hare ran
And cried: 'Ah, Ah!
My Bunny was hit by a tram!
My Bunny, my boy
Fell under a tram!
He ran along the path,
And cuted his legs,
And now he is sick and lame,
Little my bunny! '

And Aibolit said: 'No problem!
Bring him here!
I will sew him the new legs,
He will again run on the path.'

And broughted to him Bunny,
Such sick, lame,
And the doctor sewed him legs.
And Bunny jumps again.
And with him and the hare- mother
Also went to dance.
And she laughs and shouts:
'Well, thank you, doctor! '

Suddenly the jackal from somewhere
On the mare was ridden:
'Here's a telegram
From the hippopotamus! '

'Come, doctor,
In Africa faster
And care, doctor,
Our kids! '

'What is it? Do
Your children are sick? '

'Yes-Yes-Yes! They get an angina,
A scarlet fever, a galerina,
A diphtheria, an appendicitis,
A malaria and a bronchitis!
Come faster,
Kind doctor Aibolit! '

'Okay, okay, I will run,
Will help your children.
Only where do you live?
On the mountain or in the swamp? '

'We live in Zanzibar,
In the Kalahari and Sahara
On the mount of Fernando-Po,
Where the Hippo—Po walks
On a wide Limpopo.

And Aibolit stand, Aibolit run.
He rans on the fields, on the forests, on the meadows.
And only one word Aibolit say:
'Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo! '

And the wind, and snow, and hail fall in his face:
'Hey, doctor, go back! '
And Aibolit fell and lying on the snow:
'I can't go more further'.

And now the shaggy wolves running
To him from the trees:
'Sit up, doctor, riding,
We soon you will deliver! '

And Aibolit galloped forward
And only one word he says:
'Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo! '

But the sea is before them -
Raging, roaring at the space.
And high wave goes into the sea,
Now it will swallow Aibolit.
'Oh, ' if I drown,
If I will go to the bottom.
What will happen with them, with a patients,
With my beasts of the forest? '

But here the whale comes:
'Sit on me, Aibolit,
And like a big steamer,
I'll arrive you forward! '

And Aibolit sat on the whale
And only one word he says:
'Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo! '

And the mountains stand before him on the way,
And he's in the mountains begins to creep,
And the mountains are higher, and the mountains are steeper,
And the mountains go under the clouds!

'Oh, if I will not come,
If the path will disappear,
What will happen with them, with a patients,
With my beasts of the forest?

And now, the eagles flew
To Aibolit from the high cliffs:
'Sit down, Aibolit, riding,
We will deliver you fast! '

And Aibolit sat on the eagle
And only one word he says:
'Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo! '

And in the Africa,
And in the Africa,
On the black

Sad Hippopo
Sits and cries
In the Africa.

He's in the Africa, he in the Africa
Sitting under a palm tree

And he looks at the sea from Africa
Without a rest:
Neither float in the boat
Doctor Aibolit?

And the elephants and the rhinos
Roam on the road
And said angrily:
'Well-well no Aibolit? '

And near the hippos
Grabbed the tummies:
Their hippos
Tummies pain.

And then the ostriches
Squeal like a pigs.
Oh, pity, pity, pity
A poor ostriches!

And a measles, and a diphtheria at them,
And a smallpox, and a bronchitis at them,
And the head pain at them,
And the sore throat.

They lie and rave: For the twelve days
'Why he do not coming,
Why he do not coming,
Doctor Aibolit? '

And near to asleep,
The toothy shark,
The toothy shark
Lies on the sun.

Ah, her babies,
The poor sharklets
Teeth are aching
For the twelve days yet!

And the dislocated shoulder
At the poor grasshopper;
It does not jump, it do not,
But he cries bitter-bitter
And call the doctor:
'Oh, where is the kind doctor?
When he will come? '

But well, look, a some bird
Rushes more near and near on the air.
On the bird, look, Aibolit sits
And waving by the hat and loud shouts:
'Long live the sweetheart Africa! '

And all the kids are glad and happy:
'Come, come! Hurrah! Hurrah! '

And the bird circling above them,
The bird sits on the ground.
And Aibolit run to hippolets,
And smack their tummies,
And give a chocolate
To all in order,
And puts and puts them a thermometers!
And he runs
To the striped tigerlets,
And to the poor hunchback
Sick camels,

And each treat by the gogol,
Each by the mohal,
By the gogol-mohal,
By the gogol-mohal,
By the gogol-mohal.

Aibolit do not eating, do not drinking and do not sleeping
A ten nights,
A ten nights in a row
He treats a poor animals
And puts and puts them a thermometers.

So he cured them,
Limpopo! Here and he healed a patient,
Limpopo! And they go laugh,
Limpopo! And dance and play,

And shark Karakula
Winked by the right eye
And laughs, and laughs,
As someone tickles her.

And the baby hippos
Grabbed a tummies
And laugh, fullfilled -
So even an oaks shake.

Here, Hippo, here and Popo,
Hippo-Popo, Hippo-Popo!
Here Hippopotamus go.
He go from the Zanzibar,
He go to the Kilimanjaro -
And he shouts, and he sings:
'Glory, glory to the Aibolit!
Thank the kind doctors! '

Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale

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