Indira Renganathan

Alankar(Decor) -103 - Poem by Indira Renganathan


The Quatern is-
stanzaic, written in 4 quatrains.
syllabic, usually written in lines of 8 syllables.
rhymed at the poet's discretion.
Possible rhyme schemes are Axax xAxa axAx xaxA x being unrhymed
and the cap A being the refrain.
Or Aabb aAcc ddAa eeaA or any combination the poet chooses
as long as the refrain is in the proper position.
composed with a refrain that is repeated as
L1 of the first stanza
L2 of the second stanza
L3 of the third stanza
L4 of the fourth stanza


Empty mind mine sounds only hush
Lonely bewildered in silence
I am to fill it with words lush
My musings are hunting for thoughts

Albeit heart yearns for poetry
Empty mind mine sounds only hush
I pat and pat my brain quite brisk
So that floods of words lot in gush

Time does not seem to wait then rush
Brain is working fast and fast-yet
Empty mind mine sounds only hush
Thought-hunt is busy running on

I don't like a random scribble
Perfect theme, proper words should push
That my poem is set right-still
Empty mind mine sounds only hush

Topic(s) of this poem: social

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 9, 2012

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