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All Night He Turned

All night he turned and tossed on his dusty, squeaking bed
Which offered neither calm nor rest to his heavily vexed head
Until the night fowl started summoning the pale rising dawn
Proclaiming its reign over the slumbering yard, deterring any wandering fawn
The grey-eyed morning sent its rays upon the foaming tinted roofs
The pert and nimble steeds in the stall strolled aimlessly, treading heavily with their hairy hooves

As he walked through the kitchen at first light, he mulled in dread:
'She did not come I am weary; I would that I was dead
How sometimes spring flowers are crushed one and all
By heavy savage gust and whirling rogue rain
So is my heart cankered by my love absent call
I would not survive another hellish night; expectations blowing in vain'

Then he could not sleep, slaked, powerless as outside chatted the rout;
Silence, no din was heard inside the house, but the voices of snores about,
The black cat, with ominous eyes of burning coal,
Was crouching before the decaying wood of a mouse's hole;
And the crowd of crickets sang at the sighing oven's mouth,
Blithering loudly for their food drouth.

By the window he stood watching the sun lifting fatigue that morning; rising with gore-red gleams
Its broken edges dripping gold, pruned as it were of dissolving beams
Half hidden, obscure in the darkling clouds, hiding half showing
To him it seemed like a horse-shoe in the charcoal glowing
And from the East the moaning winds began to rise
Driving, herding the clouds like jagged blocks in a river of ice

As the sun rose the guardian cock firmly took position, standing authoritative still
And throwing back his pumped red head he pointed up his bill
His rich ruddy comb was upon one side inclined
So that the other side eye, its aim might easier find
Not one moment late, he had beneath the floating clouds, a roaming hawk espied
He screamed in alarm; the hens within the garden ran and did hide

'Ah' the lonely lover sighed 'Imprisoned by my own heart' s gate
If I could only weave the route of my escape
My mind is stunned, all the paths are blackened, are blocked
How can I break love's heavy locks
One submits oneself to the sweet rapture of love
And faces the cruel torture and the humiliation of mocking loath'

The day staggered on; each passing cloud along the day released a gust of a wintery rain
Which by the following blasting wind was dried again
Not too soon behind the frizzing wind another rain loaded cloud rolled
Strange, uneasy feelings emerged within him as the day was wet and cold
And in the ever faster bombardment of heavy falling rain
The gnawing voice within him raged, and fumed and did strain

'Hell is empty! ' he thought, 'All devils are prowling here,
'The room is full of them; what, a world I live in! did I pull my hat upon my brows; ignoring the clear?
Who would lend my sorrow words: the grief that does not speak
Tortures the over-fraught heart and bids, it breaks at its peak
She will not come; I am weary; I would that I was dead
The walls are closing upon my soul; I am tombed in my dread'

'No one can see the agony that gnaws my inwards like sulfur acid
This love is insane though sometimes my heart tells me it may be kind and placid,
It got some logic in it; yet I must be brave and weave my way out of the gate
My life deserves a much better fate'
In front he looked at the blackest moss the flower plots were thickly crushed one and all
The rusted nail fell from the knots that held the pear bough cluster to the wall

An idle sparrow chirruped on the dripping roof
The turtle slow clock was ticking, in a sound
Which to the wooing moaning wind was aloof
The dreary day did all mock and confound
His sense; but most he loathed the dire hour
When the sunbeam lay athwart the chambers, the day sloping towards the Western bower

The next night started as cold, darkness deepened; the horizon last sunken beam
And in the wood foxes eyes like candles did sparkle and gleam
At last the moon with silver clouds canopy came forth with winter cold breath
Above the citrus orchards lightening sky and frozen dark earth
And then a lone star came out to face the pale moon
Behind it others, hundreds, thousands twinkled in chorus of light soon

He remembered one night, her salty tears fell like new dew drops along leafy boughs
Her tears ran along routes in her lovely cheeks, before the dews were dried
She could not look at the hood of evening heaven so far aloof
Either in the pale rise of dawn or at eventide
In the gloom of the naked trees after the flitting and swaying, waving bats
She was silent glancing athwart the dimming, glooming flats

The day was creeping in sloth; within the dreamy house
The old paint peeling doors upon their hinges creaked
The bright turquoise fly sung in the pane; the grey furred mouse
Behind the moldering, cracked open wainscot and shrieked
Facing the pair coal burning eyes; when thicket dark entranced the sky
The sad lad relented and drew the ivory white curtains by

He only said: 'This sinking night is no less dreary,
She will not come and I am weary
The night before I went to sleep dismayed and so late
When all the flowers had long ago closed their heads
My eyes were left to the dark vacuum of the ceiling to hesitate
As my heart to contend with turmoil so dire, overwhelming great'

Does love need love in return?
Even though we seek that reciprocity under windburn

Copy Rights 2010
All Rights reserved
Nero CaroZiv

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