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All Thoughts Are About You

Rating: 4.8

dwelling on one's demise
makes little sense
when you are not bereft

leave it to those at the funeral
you're inside looking your best
on display

as the hearse leaves
those with tea and sandwiches converse

all the thoughts are about you
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Anjandev Roy 01 January 2021

Wisely penned......

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Rajnish Manga 28 December 2020

The scene unfolds as if through the eyes of a deceased person waiting to be buried or cremated. Shows the acerbic reality. Thanks.

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Robert Murray Smith 28 December 2020

Thanks my friend. Happy New Year.

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David Wood 26 December 2020

Pondering on death is a waste of time and I guess depressing. Keep the glass half full, not half empty. Good poem 5*

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Robert Murray Smith 27 December 2020

So true, dear poet.

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Kostas Lagos 26 December 2020

Another good one sir!

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Robert Murray Smith 26 December 2020

Many thanks, Kostas. Seasons greetings.

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Jan Framewell 26 December 2020

Great amount of poetic sense in this wonderful poem.

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