Alone You Must Travel...Excerpt From..' I Sense My Thirst' Poem by Jayita Bhattacharjee

Alone You Must Travel...Excerpt From..' I Sense My Thirst'

O' Sojourner, alone you must travel,
For darkness becomes in truth the advent of dawn
as the hours burn every agony..
and the tongue finds a voice that stayed mute for long...
In the gathering of ecstasy, the lips give you a freedom,
Alone you must seek the elixir,
For in such seeking, the thrush in you flies in an expanse.
Thus you become rider of the tides,
Coming to your awakening, the deepest of your dreams.

With sails unfurled, await the winds of life,
for in it you will find the vast sea of silence.
Thus you become the river of peace,
rushing to meet the ocean afar.
Thus you will meet yourself,
a drop to an ocean.
Emptied you rise, to find the sky gilded in morn,
for the darkness in truth announced the dawn.

Your heart is now full, a chalice full of wine,
For from the longing flows a fountain of delight.
A seeker of solitude, you have found the gladdest hour,
For in the silence, your flames burn high.
In the darkness, you have been a spirit of light,
for your eyes have hungered, crying aloud for flight,
O' Sojourner, in quest of the utmost,
for long have you traveled, near and afar,
Deep was your thirsting for the faraway land,
that held your desires and the deepest longing.

Such deep was your hunger that you tore apart the veils.
In the darkness, you found an eternal wakefulness,
for you have felt the ecstasy as the weeping turned to laughter.
From earthly pleasures you arose to feast on the otherworldly desires,
The night that came to prune your desires,
gave you the wings of a light so eternal.
The ways though are of gravel and dust,
yet in the effulgence are you enfolded to find your wings,
for the longing that kills you, crowns you in light.

.....Jayita Bhattacharjee
Copyright 2022

Alone You Must Travel...Excerpt From..' I Sense My Thirst'
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