Amesegnalehu Poem by emebet mesfin


ሁንዳኦል፥Hundaol is above all. Your birth taught me to care. Bringing out my true nature. How to share humanity ware. Inherited features from Ababa's ancestors. When he relates, sits, and specially sleeps. Nephew whose disposition is to please everyone. Is it because he is in the middle?

ሃና፥Hanna is God's given gift to the world. Came out of womb of emancipated brand.
Built like an athlete with a flair. Black smooth shoulder-length hair. Inherited independence from birth. Mother defied the practice accepted at hearth. Get married serve your husband. Mother asked more community frowned. Making money doesn't give you right. Hanna's and siblings world came apart. Parents parted harmony is lost.

ሕይወት፥Hiwot is life. Luck is embedded somewhere in her nature. Success story in every venture. Sister who now administers, the doses of life from a distance. Is this the way to cope with a place, which force submissive existence?
The spark she had during childhood. Taken by her second breed. Reminding me how I used to be maddened. Resourceful noisy cheeky. Used to make me prickly.

መስከረም፥Meskerem is the beginning of Ethiopian New Year. Beautiful, assertive, decorative, inventive sister. Fought and often won battle with boys. Adored by her friends who admired her ways. Drawn was she at the right time to her husband. Closed the chapter of childhood. Surrendering gratefully to womanhood. Mothered and raised five in her hive. Shining outwardly enduring a lot with perplexing drive.

መስፍን: Mesfin is equivalent to prince. Did he liken himself to Rasselas? Son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, husband.: He still works hard trusting his hand. Life is a university he always preached. Still lords it in his fortress at seventy unperturbed

ሙሉ፥Mulu meaning full is useful to hold together her family, in her own basketry. A mother, a grandmother and a wife. Who is leading life as it comes shouldering strife. She is my god, my earth, my sky, my sea. When I put myself in her shoes, I clearly see. The universe in me.

ሳሚ፥Samuel is either name of God or God has heard. My brother who gather the family together. At an early age, wearing the cloak of responsibility. That's the depth of his ability.

ስሞን፥Simon is humble, calm, good natured, top student then, still excels in any way he can. Related by marriage to manage life in a city strange. The fair complexion often mistaken, for a rightful citizen. It opens doors even before he knocks. Worries a lot. Tell you what you get it! Relax and enjoy it! Life is as you make it. Analyze yourself, you made it!

ስሞን፥Simon is the cross bearer. Suffering mother wept unborn baby became appeaser. Land of opportunity almost cost her insanity. Flew back to her roots putting her trust in divinity. Thus nephew dear was trained to gauge, situations beyond his tender age, before he joined the world in a foreign stage.

ቆንጂት፥Konjit-the family friend, beautiful just like the name stead. An only child mingling with us on daily basis. Mature was she at an early age. Telling me things that were strange.
Get rid of nail polish when people perish. Talking about death it was hard to relish. Thank you for the lessons on adults. Uncomprehending then but now makes sense.

በቀለች፥Bekelech is a well balanced name they say. Uprooting a person, no, I never liked your way. You owned wealth combined with admirable strength. Must have given you a reason to bequeath. Yourself with a favored jewel like my mom. Thank you though granny for the bloom. Which was nurtured under your confining roof. Became fruitful despite the undesirable turf. Ma fulfilled your reason to season your maternal desire. We made you granny in our own time.

ቢራቱ፥Biratu! Favorite grand dad, the love he gave to all unmatched! A rich farmer who thrived in producing descendants in hundreds and Adaa Teff in quintals. He lavished his love unconditionally. Accommodating everyone always smilingly

ብሌን፥ Iris which is the name of the Greek goddess of rainbow. My niece is a delight in her own right. Inquisitive. Daring, months after she came to this world. Exploring moving around with such determined heart. Expanding daringly no matter what. Demanding challenging when you restrict.

ብሩክ፥Blessed brother who is apart from me in less than two years. Defended me from group of mean girls in my schools
Who fought with friends. Who fought for friends. Parents came to our house to complain. Ma's gracious nature would help them to contain. Themselves and end up joining force with her. In teaching her son to become better.
Always a keeper if he played soccer. Going places to play in other neighborhoods. Defying authority prioritizing his adventures.

ትልቤ፥Tilbe was the tallest, stern grandfather I had. Vividly remember watching how he weaved. You don't talk to him unless he initiated. You can be around but make sure not to make sound. The only time he was loud far as am concerned. When he talked to Winish with frightening bound. True she didn't hear good. The way he sounded, it would have risen the dead

ተስፋነሽ፥Tesfanesh symbolizes hope. You are the wonderful woman who kept mom warm, sharing your winning personality without equanimity. Took care of your father and siblings.
Perfected the trade of living with limited means. Thank you for being there for mom all these years. Thank you for helping ma sometimes in raising us. Mom's and your friendship withstood two regimes if you care to mind.

ኣትናትያስ፥Atnatyas is name of my daughter. Declared in-law as he first saw her. Niece of mine you always shine. Among four brothers like a queen in shrine. Siblings wardrobe completely changed. Pom's colorful dresses, skirts overflowed. Her mother bought lots of accessories. Hair clips, pony tails, head bands, bows in hundreds. Boys stopped wrestling to understand the sister's stand. Wearing her dresses and cute shoes, she looks grand

ኢዩዔል፥Joel is who that will or commands. The Holy Bible says. Apple of the eye for both parents. Born in a foreign land but people brightened. Just like his dad Obby's appearance has reward. Ethio-American who delight the world when he animatedly bubbled. Or just because he is around

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: ancestry,families,grateful,thankfulness
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