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An American Epitaph (A Patriotic Poem) - Poem by James Murdock

America, the beautiful, God shed his grace on thee
To dissolve thyself in treachery
Like the sugars that seep through groaning organs, and
Rest with the night upon decaying molars of transparency
The Almighty descendeth to tell the truth of his plan, and
Delivered the absoluteness of change unto a...Baptist church
The theory we know as natural selection
Bless your heart, God, you poor spirit
Bless him who is confounded by his own creation
We forgive those whose crooked minds bend the farthest from truth
We, who wiped the savage's tears, and
Assured him that there is great peace in death
That there is glory in nonexistence
We, who send our children to bed with
Flashing throbbing commercial brains
At breakfast a mother's coffee zombie stare gazes at the
Long sight of her twitching twelve year old
Who can pay attention to nothing less than
Some vile and inane object attached to his fingertips
Like the ends of screaming neurons spouting blood
Dripped down and soaked into the bright carpets of my living space
Prescribe him poison or lock him in the freaking closet, anything!
I've had enough of this goddamn insanity!
I've got a half a fifth of Jack in the trunk of my car
Hell, I've got some pills in my pocket
Let's get stoned, let's get obliterated, let's get stupid
Let's get stupid in school
In schools where they bust their balls to convince me
That all is sweet in the essence of sameness
In schools that choose to ignore nature
Mother, are all animals equal under the blitzing sun?
Of course, honey, didn't you watch the Lion King?
Didn't you read of Greece and Rome?
No, I threw Mommsen into the fireplace for some added comfort
Our enemies are surely not enemies after all
We simply haven't mastered the blessing of tolerance
Let us be tolerant for tolerance sake
Let us kill the bastards with kindness
Let us apologize to those who slaughter homosexuals in their bedrooms
Whose wives are stoned for making suggestions
Only white men are crazy enough to allow women to drive
Let us endure the murder of innocent thousands
Who preach the usefulness of violence
Who hate those that are worth hating
You think Baptist are absurd?
Give me a fucking cigarette, I'm having a breakdown
Give me 100 bottles to bust over the heads of senators
Give me fire to light the seats in which their ignorant asses squabble
Give me peace that I may smoke it in my pipe
When was the voice of reason and integrity traded
For the whining political perfection of spineless swine
Sometime when convolutions became priorities?
When did we lose the sense of this grand experiment,
To declare it as a grand fiasco
When did we forget that we are the sons and daughters of revolution?
Of heart and stone and blood and sacrifice
That we are the blossoming of a European Enlightenment
That deep within us is something sacred and wondrous
When did the echoes of Locke and Jefferson become hushed and illicit?
When were we no longer ambassadors of prospect?
When did we forget that to arrive here we had to first
Kick in the teeth of tyranny and spit in the face of subjugation
When did we forget that to seek security is to sacrifice liberty?
The only force which separates us from the obscurity of history
Since when did we allow some abstract unreachable authority to convince us
That we are not our own authorities, and
And how
Did the children of a dream
Become the nightmare from which
The world is so desperately seeking to

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