An Angry Epiphany Poem by Mike Smith

An Angry Epiphany

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I was frustrated
To the point of anger
I won't say it's an entirely rare event
But for the most part my style is easy going
My outlook
Not so on this day
Orders coming at me from several directions
Contradictory in nature
I could not perform them all
At least not at once
I am still only one man
Can't they see that?
The barking of my superiors eventually got to me
I considered just walking off
Jobs have never been all that hard a thing for me to find anyway
Instead I took a breath
Decided I would retreat to the restroom
Try to cool my jets
I didn't need to but I used the toilet anyway
And as my thoughts of anger
Of discontent
Of lack of appreciation
And of abuse
Swirled together in my mind into a toxic cocktail
So did the water I had flushed
And I stood there for a time
Watching it swirl
And began to think about the water
Two and a half gallons
Perfectly clean and safe until I'd come along
And that water
Which is set here only for me to piss in
How it got there in the first place
Someone dug that well
Someone mined the ore that made the pipe for the waterline
Someone engineered machines to do both of those things
Someone built those machines
Someone erected the building I stood in
Tiled the floor of the bathroom residing in that building
So much work
So many hours
So much sacrifice even to get to this point
Simply so I can take a leak in however much water
That water
That I just defiled
Is far
Far cleaner
Than what the majority of the worlds population is forced to drink
Cook with
And use to wash
To live on

I realized then my incredible luck at being born in the bread basket
A gratitude rose up in me
And overwhelmed any negative feelings that had led me to this room in the first place
I emerged from my break a new man
Happy to be where I was
And fortunate even to be spread too thin by too many bosses
My woes are insignificant
Laughable in many cultures
How could I be so lucky?
What did I do to deserve this?
I don't know
But I do know that now
From time to time when an anger swells up in me
I just think about that water
And the anger drains away

Sunday, April 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: acceptance,gratitude,life
Ayman Parray 13 April 2016

Mike, yesterday I had a fever of 102 degree Fahrenheit. My whole body was aching and it was unbearable It was unbearable because I rarely get ill, Today I am better. I know many of my dear friends don't believe in God. But I believe God loves them just as much he loves all of his creation. I have been taught to be grateful for what I have and in every circumstance. Now I a no preacher but I shall try hard to follow what I have been taught, Your poem inspires me tremendously my friend, Thank you.

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Mike Smith 16 April 2016

It is admirable to be grateful for what we have rather than be wishful for what we don't. I have a great deal of respect for people who are able to be happy with what the world has provided for them and realize their good fortunes. Keep yourself healthy mate, and thanks for reading

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Souren Mondal 10 April 2016

Sometimes it is just better to calm down and think about our problems than to be angry... It hurts us.. I had been 'mad' about certain problems in my life.. Now when I look back I wish I could have dealt with them differently. I would have had a different life.. But then, I am grateful to have this one.. Thanks for sharing Mike.

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Mike Smith 11 April 2016

I can think of plenty of times that I reacted to things in ways that really didn't do me any good at all. Most of those decisions were based in emotion (such as anger) rather than logic. As you say, it would have made for a different life had I been able to react reasonably. Perhaps even a better one. But then again, I rather like mine as is

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Theodora Onken 09 April 2016

Mike, i can promise you that more epiphanies will come along during your lifetime. They are gifts-of realization and other various things. Hold on to them and t hank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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Mike Smith 11 April 2016

The great truths can elude, but when discovered they are a rewarding find

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Cigeng Zhang 04 April 2016

All will be better. You voice out your Anger and Epiphany, so, that is the lucky thing to be a poet.

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Mike Smith 11 April 2016

Yes that is. Amongst a great many other things

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Spock The Vegan 04 April 2016

Yes, sometimes we don't appreciate what we have (especially my kids!) . Thanks for the insight.

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Mike Smith 11 April 2016

I'm guilty of it more than I'd like to admit. Sometimes though, I am able to check myself and get a more accurate status of my incredible and countless good fortunes

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