An Argument Against Having And Wanting Poem by s./j. goldner

An Argument Against Having And Wanting

Rating: 3.6

I've done well, my love, to stay away from the hotel,
until the other morning. Heartsick and betrayed,
I sat staring (with an eerily calm serenity)
at the mundane structure
where we had spent so many lustful nights.

Waking from sleep's sweet envelope
next to the strongest,
most tender man,
I have ever known.

Vulnerable in his embrace,
falling into the vacuum of his seclusive nature.
Deflecting his bad temperament with my casual grace.
I found a common ally:
a best friend for 3 simple stupid succulent months.

Until I came to a pivotal conclusion.

You cannot make someone love you,
but you can make them want to;
which, to me, is better than having their love.

I would rather the will be there
because will is hope,
hope is potential, and potential exists—
in the land where promises are kept alive.

I curse many things about myself,
except for the utter compulsion to feel alive.
When love happens, there is a bending of the will—
an intolerable surrender where everything breaks:
hearts, promises, hope.

John Tiong Chunghoo 14 August 2008

i love the rhythm of your pieces. they feel like two persons dancing....away

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Shalini Kts 14 August 2008

the poem is lovely to read, love can change anything and everything....

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Phillip Sawatzky 17 August 2008

Kim, there aches that ache, when the unreachable is reached for, and I especially am fond of the.'...a bending the will, an intolerable surrender...' And we always find ourselves face to face with that hotel....Thanks.

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Yoni Assis 07 June 2010

The Yearning is sometimes more fulfilling than the actual love: /

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Maxim Muyu 31 December 2008

the need sounds greater than love where promises not fulfilled.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 06 September 2008

i love this one too.

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Original Unknown Girl 22 August 2008

Oh my... this is heartbreakingly beautiful. The title draws you in but the content leaves a resonance that is hard to deny. Been there Sus... and yes it hurts. Love is sweet pain isn't it? HG: -) xx

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Ivan Donn Carswell 18 August 2008

Even without self-justification, or having stormed the moral high ground - you've grovelled in decadence, suffered agonies and ecstasies and still managed to write a cogent argument. The issue is whether you'll be satisfied with cognitive excellence... Rgds, Ivan

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