Thursday, October 4, 2012

And Time, A Burning Flame Comments

Rating: 4.5

When I was young and playful
the future seemed so bright
there were songs that we sung
and days were always nice


Ray Quesada
Ruby Honeytip 18 November 2012 move on. Works for me, but I may be a heluva lot girlier than you I suspect: -) Great writing...thank you so much for sharing.

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Danyel Theresa Vertalics 09 October 2012

I think this is my favorite of yours I really enjoyed it. :)

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Valsa George 09 October 2012

Small, but beautiful! ! The contrast between expectations and reality especially at a later stage of life is effectively brought out! A commendable job!

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Matthew Peel 04 October 2012

I enjoyed this poem, good job.

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