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Angels Crying Comments

Rating: 4.4
Angels Crying
By Rema Prasanna

Angels cry from heaven’s door


Rema Prasanaa
Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 06 October 2008
Good perception about the future of the earth. Before the earth dies i think human beings will die with their own weight
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Indira Renganathan 10 August 2008
Heavenly verses.Your heart shows soulful concern.Impressive indeed.Thanks a lot for sharing
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Sathyanarayana M V S 20 July 2008
Every poem of yours was composed for a real cause. This is what is expected of a poet. Thank u very much for such fantastic reads. If time lpermits read my BIG BROTHER SYNDROME with regards, sathya narayana
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rohit sapra 14 July 2008
The usage of words and the way they appear to be actually so convincing about the concern of things related to this universe is a good aspect about this poem. Title of the poem also makes one read this poem and when the reader reads it the words go on to show unique style of writing which is really very different about this poem.
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Kyle Shield Laster 12 July 2008
another convicting piece. everyone needs to go GREEN and help save our earth! ! no more contributing to our approaching armagaeddon. i love your pro-earth pieces. really great.
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Existential Despair 12 July 2008
Nice...a combination sweet of words to describe something so tragic...its lovely
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Blue Eyes 10 July 2008
i love the way you talked about earth you made me love it and care about it again
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Victoria Dame 06 July 2008
I like your voice in your well crafted poem...nice job!
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Ozzy Govea 22 May 2008
Wow thats really deep! I give you mad props! ! !
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Subbaraman N V 22 May 2008
It definitely looks like that! Is it PRALAYAM approaching for all the evil deeds of human beings!
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Seema Chowdhury 20 May 2008
Rema this is a very nicely composed poem and its good to see that so many poets are drawing attention towards the current events and are concern about what is ahppening. May God Almighty give us courage to fight back and make this a better place to live.
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Marvin Brato 20 May 2008
Angels have witnessed how perfect God created the earth, now the Angels are crying in pity for man_ God's most beloved creation.... who masterminded his own destruction! This poem substantiated the current happening of our time. A 10.
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Usha Pisharody 18 May 2008
A pertinent theme and strong expression. Liked this one too!
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Rani Turton 17 May 2008
While more and more methods to spread terrot are being found, innocent people are dying. Is society going wrong? Where has tolerance gone? Thanks for this timely poem, Rema.
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i support your quest. together we could save the earth..........the dying earth. the latest were Myanmar and China.what a tragedy.
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Abha Sharma 16 May 2008
I wish that God permit that magic wand soon so that no child will ever be orphaned and no mother would cry for her dead Children many bread winners would survive and no widows will ever wail… the angels will then shall no more weep…. A sincere lament which I can relate to all that chaos which my city is still struggling to get over… Abha
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Kesav Easwaran 16 May 2008
Where are we heading? Terrorism destroys our own earth...our own existence… angels in heaven cannot help, for we humans ourselves should find a way out. A question well asked...a question to universal mind... A good poem from rema condemning terrorism...
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