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Swift as lightning
Within confined
She weaves her spell
Into your mind

Sweetly whisp`ring
The siren`s muse
Hear her, see her
You can`t refuse

Her soft caress
You`ve always known
Seek her, take her
To be your own

She won`t leave you
She`s always there
Try to shun her
If you would dare

Tearing into
Your very soul
You must love her
Until you`re whole

Refer to Carl Jung and his Anima archetype - female side of the male psyche.
Mien Bless 26 February 2012

reminds me of my Anima... exceptional work...

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Mien Bless 26 February 2012

I agree with Robert this girl is out there... Moreover i think this is u Valerie... nice one...

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Robert Green 18 February 2012

I like this very much. This girl is out there

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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 February 2012

You are a master of rhyme.

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Daniel Brick 11 April 2014

Jung is truly the scholar for poets, not because he wrote poetry (he most definitely did not) but rather he provides the psychological basis for the poems we write. And we can go to his writings for both inspiration and confirmation. I sense both of his gifts in this poem. Anima is a slippery concept in his writing - it almost has too much meaning attached to it. But your poem is sinuous, it insinuates itself into mind and in almost no time at all the anima is activated within, it's part of me like my eyes, my speech, my sense of touch. As your poem concludes, the anima's presence has made me whole.

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John Brown 11 September 2013

I know nothing of Jung's work, but like the poem. Intriguing.

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Ruby Honeytip 21 November 2012

Oh V...this is so spot on!

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Diane Hine 11 April 2012

I love this! It's going in my list.

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Diane Hine 28 February 2012

Thanks for my inspiration for today!

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