insanity personified

Another Night … - Poem by insanity personified

My head touched my pillow
And ideas began to flow
I just began to think
I heard my cell ring
On my first impulse
I let it be;
But being a best friend
I had a promise to keep
I picked up the phone
& said HI! Groggily
I heard a quiet moan’
Now all awake I retorted angrily
You cut yourself again; didn’t you?
Why did you have to do so.? ?
Yeah! Oh! I know …I love you too
He touched you again….
And you let him be? ? ...
“What could I do”
She screamed at me….
She said;
Don’t you worry….
Don’t you worry at all
I wont trouble you
With my wails from now…
I’ve called up to say my last goodbye
I won’t come to your arms to cry
As if you care; whether I live or die
Goodbye James goodbye
Stop Terri; don’t keep the phone
Listen to me ‘why do you feel so alone? ’
You know you have me
And I have got you
She cut me halfway & began to speak
She said James just listen to me
Have you ever been abused?
Physically or mentally
Have you ever been used?
By your family
Does your step-dad touch you around?
My mum never believes a word I say
Well you are lucky because your mom cares
My mom goes around calling me a liar
She hates me with all her might
She simply can’t stand my sight
I thought suicide was the sign of the weak
It isn’t so James now I’ve realised
Don’t worry James I have pills in my hand
You are the only one who can understand
I am sorry for all I have done
You are my best friend, my soul
My life, my so called mum
Why does she hate me so much
I don’t ask to be loved
Only to be accepted
But as always am shoved
& always am rejected
I say; Terri don’t cry
You are my bets friend for life
Go ahead talk to me
Tell me everything you feel
I promise I wont judge you
You know I never do
I want to know how you feel
You gotta tell me Terri
You gotta tell me
We talked the whole night
She told me her experiences again
The same ones
I have heard a million times
I calmed her down
And made her sniffing quiet
Her sobbing stopped
We kept talking as the hours went by
At the crack of the dawn
I realised the time
She thanked me & said:
James’; you have kept me alive
Just for another night
Now you go to sleep & so will I
3 more hours to school
I will meet you up
Go ahead “mom” go to sleep
I promise I will not weep
I thank you god
& am grateful I have got you
You mightn’t be my mum
But you surely play the role
I said bye and kept the phone
I know my Terri is real strong
& till am with her nothing can go wrong
Here she was alive
For another night
My best friend, my soul,
My love, my light,
My kid, my life ………………

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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