Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Place Comments

Rating: 5.0

another place, another time, another dream left behind
another mountain i must climb.
i'll move the earth to make you mine.


louis rams
Ben Gieske 26 July 2009

A glorious beginning and a wrenching end. The dilemma of falling in love and not having it returned. But love has to be freely given. I like a lot of your lines in this one. The beginning is well phrased and calls for immediate attention.

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you have locked up inside and take the vow to be by my side. from now until the day we die...... sincere proposal for invite.. poet has all clean ideas and goal.... keen desire too....woven with good oratory.....10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 May 2009

Lovely & touchy poem,10 added.

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Sandra Fowler 19 January 2009

Very touching. This would make a wonderful Valentine.10 for your romantic soul. Warm regards, Sandra

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Bell Martine 19 January 2009

we are made for another place.................

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Beverley Fredborg 18 January 2009

'i'll move the earth to make you mine.' Best line in the poem.

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Elena Winters 17 January 2009

willing to give everything for your love..........this is a very romantic poem.......its amazing how you say your heart was torn but you gave it back......... that shows how much in love you are excellent poem

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I loved this poem! Great Flow! I liked I think the third stanza best that generated a lot for me. Wonderful poem from start to finish. Truly magnifcent!

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The ending works very well with this poem you wrote this with grace and full of hope.. This poem flows so well too... Great poem KRISTA

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i love the start, and I adore the end. lovely

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Sarah Sisson 14 January 2009

How sad yet sweet...thank you for this one.

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Vaibhav Pandey 14 January 2009

very passionate write. I liked it.

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